Is It OK to Whine About The Weather?

Discussion in 'Rides' started by XLR8, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. I'm a wuss, I admit it. I'm just not a much of a crappy weather rider. Oh I'll tour in it if it comes on when I'm out there and I can even enjoy it then, but I don't set out in bad weather as I don't enjoy that as much and I much prefer sunny days and good traction. :)


    There I feel better now. Kinda. ::)

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    Typically, I get pretty bugged about the bad weather but I'm making an exception today.
    So far, I've installed my new levers and mounted my new tire. I've gotta pick up a compressor before I finish the tire though - the gas station compressors don't push enough volume to seat the bead.
    In a little while, I plan to paint my stator cover and adjust my cam chain tensioner too. I was hoping my new braided lines would be here today but it looks like those are gonna have to be installed next week.

  3. Whining is ok in my book! This rain sucks! I'll join in on the whining session......waaaaaaaaaaa!! I won't even ride my dirt bike in the rain, i get irritated when water droplets screw up my vision. I moved away from Portland to escape from the liquid sunshine, it must have followed me, sorry guys its my fault. I'll be waiting for the motorcycle lynch mob to arrive at my door.
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    You're safe for now. The rest of us don't want to ride in the rain either so we're stranded with no way to get to you. :banghead:
  5. Thank god!! I get to live another day! I'll tell you what, lets make a lynchin' appointment for lets say....... 2 weeks from now. This will give you enough time to organize a decent mob,round up a few kegs of your favorite micro and get the ladies to start marinating the ribs. I would rather go quickly so just hit me in the dome with a shovel (please attach at least 40lbs. of free weights for maximum impact - bonus : my caved in cranium will look bitchin' and the lynchers will feel like it was a sucessful gathering), Strip the parts you want off my f3 to help cover the lynchin' expenses, sit my dead ass on my bike, light it up(i'll make sure it has a full tank)and have a rockin' bonfire/barbeque in my culdesac. My neighbors are way cool, they'll party with you so no worries!!
  6. Party freeK-ing ON :dblthumb:
  7. Yes................... a fellow mosher.