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  1. The Name is Twitch, I am the Rep for the Iron Order mc Here in Idaho.
    Despite what you read on the internet we are real Bikers. We are the Largest Independent Law abiding Motorcycle club in the World.
    We are not a Cop Club However we do have cops in our club as well as Doctors,Lawyers,Truckers,Construction Workers,Tattoo Artist s and just about any job you can think of.

    We ride hard and party harder. We respect those who respect us. Our motto is Respect All Fear None.

    If you feel like this would be a good fit, Pm me . There is an opportunity for you to Be a chapter Officer. This is a Brand new Chapter in this club so there is room for everyone.

    High Desert Crew
    Iron Order MC
  2. Pics on website (did a "GOOGLE" search) show members wearing patches w/ top and bottom rockers.
    In my experience with the biker culture, both locally and nationally, there are accommodations that have to be made with the local dominant M/C club before those types of patches can be worn.
    For your riding safety,I would recommend staying FAR away from this outfit until those issues are clarified and dealt with.
    If they are real, they will try and do what is needed to wear a three piece patch.....or they will be just another bunch SoA wannabes.
    Or they may fly their own patch.
    For me, and my safety, I'll just wait and see.
    It's your choice.

  3. I get your concern.
    Valid point but i will make this clear on a publkc forum.
    We are not territorial the state rocker is only to represent where we are from.
    I know how the Biker world works. However myself like 99% of my club are combat vets. I myself OIF/OEF vet. Ive earned my right to wear my cut.

    Now with that being said there is only a very few dominant clubs in Idaho. If they have a problem with me establishing a chapter of my club in this state i would be glad to.sit down and chat with them. However im not going to get stepped on .
    I appreciate the input if your interested let me know.
    Twitch IOMC
  4. YOU and Your group are coming into an area with already established M/C clubs.
    YOU and YOUR group need to take the responsibility, it has nothing to do with what you might happen to think your "right" is.

    It is about "Give Respect, Get Respect"

    You either understand it or you don't.
    I just choose not to be part of that learning curve with your group, and I also recommend that others, for matters involving their own safety, do not.
  5. you dont have to be. I already said i would sit down and discuss whatever they want to discuss.
    Im not going to ask permission though.
    I respect every one and so does my club.
    But like i said we are not some POP up SOA wannabes.

    Sometimes other clubs have issues , others dont. we will sit down and talk.

    Im not Hard to find
  6. most of the people on this forum ride sport or semi sport bikes. not very many Harleys here.Thanks for your offer mostly we just use the sight for communication between friends.if you wanted to post up your events or things going on in your world would im pretty sure it would be cool with everyone here.i cant speak for everyone but pretty laid back group from my experience. so welcome and good luck
  7. seems there is another thread. so forget everything I said
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