Injured Motorcyclist Benefit Fund

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  1. Taken from a flyer circulating Gowen Field:

    James Anthony Grivet IV - a 25 year old husband, and father, who served faithfully with the 82nd Airborne in both Afghanistan and Iraq, was involved in a Serious motorcycle accident on Tuesday, August 29. "Jimmy" is at Saint Alphonsos battling through severe head trauma.
    Who is Jimmy:
    - Father
    - 5 year old diabetic daughter (Maddisan)
    - 9 month old daughter (Abigail)
    - Husband
    - Married 2years to Judith Grivet who is 3
    months pregnant.
    - US Soldier
    - Served with the 82nd Airborne
    - Afghanistan
    - Iraq
    - After he was honorably discharged from the Military, Jimmy signed up and went back to Iraq as a
    contractor, as a welder to help install additional Armor on the Military Vehicles
    - After Hurricane Katrina, Jimmy went to Mississippi to provide security and assistance to the affected residents.
    - Most recently Jimmy re-enlisted with the Idaho National Guard.
    Jimmy is a proud American and Idahoian who served his country proudly to protect our way of life.
    He needs YOUR HELP now!
    God Bless You for any Donations or Prayers on his behalf
    Please Donate to:
    The James Grivet Benefit Fundat any US BANK.
    Jimmy is currently recovering at Saint Alphonsos Hospital in Boise.
    For information on his condition please call: 208-454-6777
  2. I was just about to post this very same thing. I wife emailed it to me..

    best of wishes Jimmy..