Import Revolution 2013 Car/ Bike Show

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    Revolution: A fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something.

    Born of passion, Import Revolution is a collaboration of perspectives. No longer willing to accept relegation to the back corner of a parking lot, we have come together with one goal in mind: to bring the sport compact scene to the forefront. From auto-x to drag racing, from function to form, from hella-flush to what-the-fuck?!, our backgrounds are different and our paths are unique, but our love for the scene is consensual. No hate, no politics, no bullshit, just a handful of guys looking to revive interest in Boise's import scene with an event geared towards cars that are driven. This is our time. This is our scene. Picture me rollin.

    In 2011, Import Revolution 208 took the Boise car scene by storm. With over 120 cars, 18 sponsors, and $520 raised for St. Luke's Children's Hospital, the show was a wild success. Last year, we blew those numbers out of the water, with over 185 cars and $2000 raised for charity! This year's show promises to be the best one yet!

    Viva la Noche!

    What: Import Revolution 208 Two Thousand Thirteen

    Where: Downtown Boise parking lot, north side of Idaho St between 11th and 12th

    When: Saturday, August 10, 2013. Roll-in starts at 2:00 pm.

    Who: Sport compacts, including Asian imports, Euro imports, BIKES and domestics.

    Why: To display purpose-built cars/ bikes of all varieties: driven, used and abused, pampered garage queen, or somewhere in between.

    New for 2013: This year's show is our first evening show! Additionally, we will offer a limited number of spots this year.

    Cost: *$30* This year's cost is $30, with registration limited to 160 cars.

    Depending on space available, we may offer day-of registration, but that's not a guarantee. If we do offer this, the cost will be $40/car.

    **Registration is now Open! **

    Entry fees are non-refundable.

    Pre-Registration Details:
    Cost: $30/vehicle (please send the money as a Gift!)
    Paypal: [email protected]

    Please include the following information in the message box:

    Preferred forum and username:
    Shirt Size:
    Number of Vehicles registered:

    As always, registrants will get a gift bag and a guaranteed spot in the show!

    Also, please email a picture of your car/ bike to [email protected] so we can post it on the IR208 facebook page!

    Any questions, please post them up. And please, keep the arguing and the negativity out of this thread!

    Thanks everyone!

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  2. Cyclone Cycles is sponsoring the trophy for "Best Motorcycle" Thanks again Dennis and crew------------

  3. wishin my bike was finished so i could go:cry:, tryin to talk nick into entering his 1000rr
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  4. I wish you would get your bike done as well!! It all goes to support a great cause!!
  5. I won't have powder on the bike yet.
  6. I could put a cup holder on with a Starbucks cup in it and go for best bike.
  7. however you do have custom masking tape on the mirrior cant wait to put sum teal down :devil3:

    aug10th is a few weeks out ill be workin away on it forsure
  8. Sweet--- keep me posted!
  9. My bike is entered
  10. Good to hear! Can't wait to see it in person!
  11. So how the hell do you register? Just send the money PayPal?
  12. Yes sir-- please send the registration fee as a gift to [email protected]. Please include First last name, make model, year and shirt size and how many vehicles you are entering
  13. Your fault......................
  14. Thanks for making that the obvious Brandon....... Make me feel like Shit!!!:finger:
  15. nah your just in the decsion phase been there myself many times the copper vein on flat black would be sick
  16. Week before the show ....Bump!
  17. Day before the show!

    I invite any/ all of you to come check out the show.

    Cyclone Cycles will have a botth there.

    We are also raffling off a GoPro.
    Tickets are 2 for $1.
    Must be present to win-

    Again all proceeds go to St Luke's Children's Hospital
  18. 2 for 1.... I like those odds. I could always use another GoPro on the bedpost:devil3:

    SLCH is a great hospital too... spent enough money there the past 2 years to buy a new bike:cry_2:
  19. 2wheelsdown

    2wheelsdown <img src="/images/ranks/forum_mod.gif" alt="BRN Fo

    Good show. Lot of interesting cars there.