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Discussion in 'Rides' started by BlindLOKI, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, just thought Id hop on and let everyone know I made it to Mtn. Home finally. It was a loooong assed drive, but at least Im here now.

    take it easy,

  2. Tanman

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    Welcome to the Teasure Valley (or is Mtn Home the Magic valley?)! Either way Welcome. :welcome:

  3. Welcome to Idaho, we'll hook up soon.
  4. glad to have ya chris!!! :welcome:
  5. Hozhead

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    Glad to hear you made it okay. Now to just get everyone together for a ride!!
  6. whats up blindloki Welcome to Mt. home!! such a wonderful place is'nt it?? Once i get off 12hr shifts we'll haft to ride down to bruneau or out past wal-mart sometime soon.
  7. right on chris welcome maybe the weather will get better and you can ride here :welcome:
  8. alright man if it stays nice out i got today off (thursday) hit me up.
  9. U guys talking about riding here in boise or Mt home? (I also have 2day off)
  10. are there good riding out there?
  11. Not really its too straight but it gets the job done i guess