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  1. So I sold my size 50/40 leathers and finally found a size 52/42 for my price.

    I went to cycle gear tried on the frank thomas one piece size 52/42 and it fit great just perfect. A little tight standing up straight, but spot on on the bike, loose enough in the legs to move around comfortably on the bike, but tight enough that they weren't baggy.

    So I bought a set of Shift leathers size 52/42 and they fit almost exactly the same as dainese 40's WTF :banghead:


    Knee out, no way. If it wasn't for stretch panels there is no way I could fit in these pants.

    Instead of feeling good I feel constricted and bound up. I am gonna try them once or twice before I give up, but may just end up buying a much bigger size and having it tailored. I tpisses me off because I really like these, they look great and seem like a quality product. The only thing wrong is a lack of knee sliders or the attachment for them.

    Sometimes buying off the internet sucks
  2. Yeah thats a problem guy. it all depends on which little chinese or indonesian boys and girls are doing the sewing. They have small hands and the scissors are hard to cut with.

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    That sucks about your leathers not fitting right.
    If you end up ordering something else, check on NewEnough.com first. They usually do a pretty good job of reviewing the sizing and telling you to order larger or smaller for each brand.
  4. I bought my gloves and textile jacket from new enough, but... they haven't had full leathers on closeout in a looong time :(

    New enough is a great place to buy from though.

    I'm just gonna wear these things around the house to see if I can't get the pants stretched a little. BTW the knee padding on these is
    Freakin huge.
  5. Try some excercises , Yeah get all sweaty in those leathers i hear it will make it bigger
  6. Getting them damp and then stretching in them makes a huge differencen also!!
  7. I am thinking that maybe some smaller knee armorwill give me a little more room.

    The stuff that was in my old dainese suit would be perfect, so thats what I'm shopping for now.

    I have ridden in them a few times so far and they are a little better but....

    The other SV rider jeff may buy them from me, and I will just get the Frank thomas one piece and forget about 2 piece altogether.

    Then again the fieldsheer revo suit is on sale at mototrcyclecloseouts ::)