if i get a bike

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  1. do i need to change my screen name when i get another bike. i could go with "the mopedal-er" maybe sell my mountain bike for a down pmt and go with "the nopedal-er"-

    react to me (it a Jim Rome thing)
  2. How about Pedaler X ?

    See, how cool would that be?

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    I vote that you keep your name unless you plan to stop riding the mountain bike entirely.
  4. Entirely, way too logical! ;D
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    Lets try this again then....

    If The Pedal-er gets a bike, he doesn't need to change his screen name because it will probably just be a P.O.S. Yamaha and he'll be riding his Mt. Bike to go get parts anyway.

    OR - he'll dump the motorcycle during the second week and be back to the Mt. Bike anwyay.
  6. Nah... keep it the pedal-er.... then your signature wheelie could be a sit down and you could move your feet in circles like you pedaling a mt bike :D hahahah
  7. I could get suzuki and go with the GSX-er
  8. HozHead the p.o.s yamaha crack was great still laughing here at work, sorry but that was great. :dblthumb:
  9. I say change it. Why?
    :laughat: Pedal-er reminds me of Pedal-philer
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: That is just wrong! :eek:wned:
  11. i'll admit it i was :eek:wned:
    :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail:
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    Stop spamming the moderator!!!

    His smilies don't show up often because he doesn't put a space between his smiley and the next thing he types. Whenver I see that happen in a post, I usually go do a quick edit to fix it.
    I'm leaving this one so that everyone else knows what we're talking about.
  14. :hail: I :finger: think :bs: I :hook: got :driving: it :knockout: now :slap2: