idahoTZR, slidewayzlotus, hotrod55, M2M, RVT1000

Discussion in 'New Users' started by Hozhead, Sep 5, 2006.

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    idahoTZR, slidewayzlotus, hotrod55, M2M, RVT1000

    Who are these people you ask, they are the newest members of Boise Riders. :welcome: folks. Tell us a bit about yourselves, how you found us, what you ride, where, etc. If you don't have a bike / quad / snowmobile / etc just yet, that's okay too; we've got several members who are here to get educated before making a purchase.
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    Wow, 5 new members! By all means, let us know who you are! I am especially curious about Hotrod55. This can't be a reference to a bike?

    Welcome all of you!

  3. Hey, I know some of these. I'll let them list their own names.

    IdahoTZR- sorry man, I still feel bad about standing you up on that ride!!
    Slidewayzlotus- A friend of mine, he came out with us stunting on Saturday. He has a SWEET ZX-10.
    M2M- Could be one of 2 guys, both way chill. If its the one with the CBR1000RR, XLR8 met him and we had a blast doing Lowman Monday morning.

    Hotrod and RVT, welcome!
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    We've got two more new members tonight as well:

    "donoR6" and "gman929rr" :welcome:
  5. Gman929RR was another one with us on Saturday.
  6. Sorry for the delay in introducing myself... Sean McDonald. I have an Advertising Agency here in Boise, a wife and four kids, and have made my way here from a long line of adrenaline sports. Including but not limited to... surfing/windsurfing, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, mtn/road biking, rock climbing, kayaking, fencing, road rallies ('79 Fiat Spider), Street Luge and a few other I am sure to be missing. I have progressed from vintage cafe' bike to sport bikes, and soon to track, and am loving every second of it!!! :dblthumb: I am here to meet other to ride with make some friends with the same interests. Looking forward to Bike Nights, Track Days and getting to meet you guys.

    Hope that was enough info.... more like too much. :neener: