Idaho Track CONFIRMED!!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Idaho Wolverine, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Please go to I just hope they will have a road corse for bikes on that infeld they mention.....

  2. Yeah I just looked through their prposal, no Road Course, :banghead:

    I did email the guy in charge as to this slight oversight, we'll see how many ways they can say no. ::)
  3. Hozhead

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    Infield seating for 75,000 to 100,000. Not a chance they intend to put a real road course in. Frickin' NASCAR CRAP!

    The supermoto kart track could be a LOT of fun if the built it anything like the kart track at MMP.
  4. Hozhead

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    On the plus side, our dirt loving compatriots should have a grand time.
  5. I grew up on dirt bikes, and love to ride my street bike..........SuperMoto is cool with me. I have been wanting to try it.

    I shure would like a road course though.........
  6. Did someone say roost??
  7. "most state o fthe art racing complex on" this guy did not use the grammer checker, I love finding typos in others work lol....and to think people call me the typo master ha ha ha at lest I fix mine lol..
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  8. Hozhead

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    Dude, I'm always tempted to use my admin powers to correct your typos! :comp: I try to let you be you though. Plus, I'm lazy.
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  9. Yea Huh? And to think I run a web site called lol I try to get all my typos I really do. Most of the time when I am on here it is when I first get up or right when I am getting ready to go to bed. Oh let me get that last DOT for ya!
  10. Hozhead

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    Here's the irony:

    I'm just giving you crap though. :neener:
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  11. Hozhead

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    You're hearing things. Not that its entirely bad to hear voices in your head. :devil: :laughing:
  12. Fix it, happy NOW Homie,,,,:) :neener:
  13. ::) You know, I think I better go thourgh that site and do some updating. It has been 3 years.
  14. i don't think it is happening all that soon. takes real money. this is a town that doesn't build highrize buildings

  15. Whoa!! hey now what's with the hearing things bit? I heard it too. Are you implying that dirt riders are all crazy?? I won't stand idly by and let someone say those blasphamous truths!! :neener:
  16. maybe we can get jon woo to build a track for us
  17. Johnwoo would build an 1/8mile track with all left turns :slap:
  18. Proeve, your avatar is creepy. Is that your devil baby? :devil:
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