Idaho City, Sunday, 18th, Around 9:00

Discussion in 'Rides' started by XLR8, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. I need to be back around 12ish for a Father's Day BBQ but I am thinking of heading up to Idaho City tomorrow around 9AM for an Omlette at Trudy's. After that I may go to Lowman --> Banks, or not, depending on time and if I get any bad deerphobia. Almost pegged one up there once.

    Headed out Mt. Biking now and I'll check back to see if there are any takers. Good place to meet is Albertson's parking lot on Federal Way and 21 out by Micron.

  2. I got this feeling if I went I'd be in a LOT of trouble with the old lady...

    Count me in as a maybe ;D

  3. I wish I wasn't working on Sundays...
  4. That does suck! And you've got a kid, so you're missing Father's Day too! :banghead:
    Since we live right near eachother, we'll have to hook up for more rides though.
  5. First father's day... I can't miss that. Otherwise, the wife will find a way to make sure my bike is not in a shape to move mechanically.

    Definitely have to hoop up again. You have my number, right?
  6. Wait a minute. Is it father's day or not? What happened to the father being able to choose what kind of fun he has on father's day? ;D

    OK, catch you all some other time.

  7. Sounds like fun, but I can't make it tomorrow morning. I might be able to do an evening ride, though (if the weather holds).
  8. FWIW, new meeting place

    Starbucks 9AM tomorrow, Idaho & Capitol

  9. OK make me jaelous. Now I am off work.

  10. I didn't take any pics we were going too fast. ;D And I was even on the FJR 1300. We almost got a damn ticket. We did't get pulled over but we got...

    "The Lights" ::) :squid:

  11. NO WAY....

    More details please...
  12. Whats with that? Friday I was coming back from firebird when me and a couple buddys passed a cop headed the other direction, I don't think we were even speeding as he got to us he flipped his lights for a second. WTF is he "warning" us, or just saying hi?
  13. That's exactly what the Sheriff did to us. We were between Lowman and Banks doing about 65 - 70 through a nice sweeper and we came around the corner and there he was and I looked back and he was giving us the lights. I was getting all ready to just pull over but he never turned around.

    This is the third time. I got em once before on the way to Idaho City a few years ago and twice in one ride going over Lolo Pass to Missoula.

    I think they don't turn around on some of those roads because it's too much of a pain in the ass. I'm getting a radar detector although it would not have helped today.