Idaho City / Lowman on July 1st

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Jun 30, 2006.

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    Anyone up for a Saturday morning ride through Idaho City to Lowman and back?
    - that's right, I said back.

    Pesticide and I talked last night and agreed that riding the summit to Lowman is the best part and the least likely to result in high speeds and tickets police

    I'm thinking of leaving Boise @ 9am. Any thoughts or opinions?

  2. I had every intent of doing the whole loop tomorrow at about 6:00 am as is my typical weekend routine (got to at least try to get the ride in and be home by about the time the wife gets out of bed, you know).

    I probably would have delayed if there was a group going, but as of right now it looks like I'll be waiting in line at Carl's to get a new front tire installed....

    Maybe next time....
  3. Cycle Queer might be able to get that done for you today so you could join us, Or our very own Hozehead will mount and balance for you, for a very nominal fee maybe he would have some time tonight.
  4. I do hope everyone realizes that this trip to Lowman could be slowest trip we ever make as it is a holiday weekend, the cops and the weekend warriors in their goliath vacation homes on wheels will be out in force!!
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    Anyone want to make an early bird run of it to beat the traffic then and go along with KeithP's normal schedule (if he can get a tire)?

    Keith - PM me with your tire situation. I may be able to help tomorrow morning if you can get a tire tonight. (I can mount and balance @ my home -> I do it by hand but I get the job done).
  6. HH--Look for PM on tire deal.

    I'll tell you for a fact I have never seen a law enforcement type yet in probably 15 or so trips around the loop when leaving at 6 AM or before.

    Probably a much greater chance of the horses y'all call Deer around these parts at that hour though....

  7. true that! And deer make horrible windscreen ornaments!!
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    I think you forgot to send me the PM. Dang new guys!! :neener:
  9. I sent it, don't know where it went though.

    Have tire in hand as of right now, so call me if you have time. my cell is 761-8745

    Otherwise, we can ride another time....
  10. Cant get a hold of anyone are we riding tomorrow? :dunno:
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    Pesticide left me a message tonight saying that he'd probably doing a conservative ride up Bogus in the morning.

    I'm still hoping to leave this neighborhood @ 9am for Lowman. We may move it back to 9:30 for KeithP if wants his tire mounted up to join us for the ride.

    KeithP - I'm kinda running on a tight schedule tomorrow (today actually since its past midnight). I'm available between 8:30am and whenever the ride starts and can change your tire then. I've got to tell you though, I'm a bit nervous since it looks like you've got a pretty new bike. I usually change out tires on rims that have been abused by others so it kinda takes the pressure off me.
    Call me (Dave) after 8am if you want me to change it 871-2820.
    I'll also be available to change it after the ride which should be done @ noon or 12:30.
  12. I made a last minute ride and went to Lowman and then came back (didn't go all the way through to Idaho City) and there was a TON of traffic today. I left at 12:30 and got back home at 5 (I'm slow, but not that damn slow!!). I waited at the intersection at Banks and Hwy 55 for at least a good 5 minutes with about 8 cars in front of me. Whenever there's talk about having a flag crew to direct traffic there its probably not a good thing. Don't mean to put a damper on you guys, just an FYI. Be safe!
  13. Hoz-don't sweat it--something's come up and I have to go to the office this am for a couple hours.

    I'm planning on dropping bike and tire at Carl's while I head there.

    Bike is an '05 and the rims are spotless, but I'm sure that together we would have gotten it...

    I'll catch you guys next time after the new rubber's been duly scuffed.

    Thanks for offering though...

  14. Hozhead

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    Thanks for the update on the traffic situation, Nick. That kinda makes me want to join Pesticide and just head up Bogus this morning. I'm torn because I've been waiting to do Lowman all season and I'll be on the other section (Idaho City to Lowman) which should have a lot less traffic.

    What to do, what to do? ???

    Keith, sorry to hear you can't join us but I hope you'll accept a few tagalongs on a 6am ride sometime soon.
  15. Great ride Pest and Hoze thanks :dblthumb:
  16. Hozhead

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    I agree, Pesticide and I are awesome. :dblthumb:

    That was a really good ride with a comfortable pace. The traffic wasn't as bad as I expected. The traffic between Boise and IC probably did us a favor by keeping our speed in check.