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  1. They have recently released the Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route :woohoo: and was wondering if anyone on here would like to get a group together and complete the ride? This is something I am really wanting to accomplish this summer and was hoping some on here would like to go along as well. My dates are pretty flexible and was thinking of spanning the ride across no more than 5 days.

    Let me know


  2. The map shows the trail broken up into 8 sections. Would that be 1 section a day? If not, why did they break it down into 8 sections. I just looked at the map and read a bit of the section details. Looked on the site a bit and could not find the answer??? When you end up at the Canadian boarder, how will you get back? Blast down the freeway? I am thinking it will take more than 5 days.

  3. My math might be a tad off. The entire route is roughly 1300 miles plus whatever it is coming back, figure 325 miles a day over four days then less than a day coming back on pavement. I would find my way over to 95 and take that back. I would like to take more than five days but not everyone has the luxury of taking that much time off from work.
  4. I also am wanting to do this but the whole thing might be a tad overkill this year with all the other exploring i plan to do. I already was planning on the Corridor so.... instead i'm thinking running a bit short and backwards starting at Wallace and ending in Glenn's Ferry. From Glenn's Ferry to Nevada would be a pretty boring end anyways IMHO. I think ending the trip with a short quick Freeway trip home would be better than hours of it after the abuse of the days. That would suck. Also doing a full week so your not pressured to just ride all the time. Have to take time to stop a lot and enjoy the surroundings. I'm thinking 7 days. One day to ride to wallace and the rest to explore :D
    That's plenty of it to still make you sick of your bike afterwords for a few days and to just jump right home to a hot bath sounds better ;)
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  5. Wallace is only 50.1 miles from Coueur d' Alene. So Party in Coeur d' Alene before!
    Just sayin :p
  6. Actually not a bad idea to start up north And go south. I'm not big on going through NV either. Glenn Ferry would be a good stopping point. If you would like to start planning something let me know. I would like to do mid June early July.
  7. I think I could do it around that time. I'll have to see what week is available around then. That's plenty of time to plan.
  8. I'm thinking the BOM for the return trip.
    Doing the Best of Montana back south would make a hell of a loop :rofl:
  9. Just a heads up, I rode the Glens Ferry to Nevada route a few months ago (dec14). its a smooth road, you can travel it pretty quickly.

    you could break it up into three, three/four day sections if you wanted, do them when time allowed.

    also, if you plan on stopping, taking pictures, hiking around or any sort of relaxing/outdoor enjoyment, you might want to allow for about those 8 or 9 days. You never know what you might run into out there, maybe you would like to spend extra time in a certain area.

    if you are in it for the mileage, why not try the Iron Butt Challenges? Sometimes you need to stop and smell the pine ;-)
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  10. "Honey, I'll be back in a month. Me and the boys are going to tour the north west"
  11. Bimbim86 and I have so far come up with the dates of July 5th through the 13th. Thats 8 days so gives us Sunday to get to Coeur d' Alene n eat pizza n drink beer n sleep before heading out Monday. Nothing is set in stone. This mostly all I've come up with. I've taken Monday the 14th also to have a buffer day. I personally don't want to iron butt ride it. I like taking pics, fishing, swimming etc. if possible. Camping early so as to have daylight left and just enjoy life :D
    Like I said, mostly just a daydream at this point
    Fun times
  12. I have requested those dates off so it should not be an issue. Early July is usally pretty pleasant weather. Should be a good time.
  13. I like to take time to enjoy the scenery and relieve my bladder. :laughing:
    Josh likes to ride at 101% until its time for gas. Thats how he was going to do this in 4-5 days. :woohoo:
    Good luck keeping him at a "tourist" pace. :rofl:
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  14. Run out of gas HA! When have I ever ran out of gas? 400ish mile range
  15. I have a 300ish range with the 6.1 gallon tank. Been getting 52ish mpg. Ill have another 2 with me so ill be right there with ya :D
  16. Picking my bike up from Happy trails n heading out Pleasant valley to get a feel for the dirt. If anyone wants to ride
  17. I warned you Josh will not want to stop until it is time for gas.....
    You must be a young un or have an iron but. ;D
  18. Well, I took 8days (actually 9) off. I'll ride solo I don't care ;)
    If someone is in a hurry I'll watch their dust trail head off into the horizon.
    I'm 36, I'll still be 36 then. Trying to not get sick of the bike and enjoy the world around me :D. I may take a day off I'm the middle and not ride at all :eek:. I'm such a rebel :p
  19. Dont listen to Mike he doesnt know what he is talking about....

    I have three others interested in going. Just waiting to see if they can get the time off
  20. Headed to Jump Creek outside of Marsing. Going to climb up to the top and goof around back there if anyone's bored. Oh, that's right, most you suckers work during the week ;) more empty trails for me!
    Fun times