I Think Bogus Is About Ready To Ride

Discussion in 'Rides' started by XLR8, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Today, I rode my mountain bike up trail 6 (yea I know, nobody knows) to the ridge road and over to Bogus. The ridge road comes out about 1K before where all the mountain bikers park at the top and about 2 Kilometers maybe from the lower lodge.

    Anyway, guys, they've swept and painted the top half (8 miles) and it's the cleanest I've ever seen it. Ever! It has not been chip sealed and it's totally tits! :dblthumb: There's some pine needles on the outside of the corners but they would not be a problem if you don't get over on the edges of the road. There's also still a huge pothole on the decending lane up by the Mt. Bike parking.

    Now about the first 8 miles. (up to the forest sign) It looks pretty good after chip sealing and since I was going slower on my Mt. Bike I got a chance to check it out pretty good. I wouldn't rail around those corners yet but the road is cleaning off nicely and in most places you should be OK. There's a big mound of sand in the acending lane about 500 meters after the forest sign. Also there's nothing preventing anyone from taking up brooms in our cages and sweeping the tightes corners. I talked to some guys over on the Old Sprial Highway in Clarkston, WA and they keep their corners swept themselves and nobody cares. I guess I never thought of it.

    Anyway, that's my :2cents:

    See what you think and be careful.

    Note, I did not go to the very very top. I was about 2 Kilometers short I suppose.

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    I might have to see for myself one day this week after work.

  3. I went up last weekend and even though it looks clean I noticed that traction isn't great. The little gravel was coming unglued and causing me to slip. Maybe it needed another week to cook.
  4. I'm pretty sure I don't ride as fast as you guys so that's something to consider.

    But you know how after they chip seal and you can hear the loose gravel crunching under yours and other's tires? I didn't hear that today. I also stopped and touched the tar or whatever it is they use to spray over the gravel and it wasn't melting at 85 degrees.

    And although it's only a mountain bike I was coming down as fast as I could and pushing it around the corners and I was sticking. It doesn't take too much gravel on asphalt to take out a mountains bike.

    So it's getting close.

  5. How Long does it take to ride bogus up and back?
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    Plan for 15 minutes waiting for everyone at the gas station. 20 to 25 minutes up (from the stop sign at the base). 15 to 20 minutes of chatting at the top. 20 to 25 minutes down (to the stop sign).
    It can be done faster but not with a mixed group of riders.