I Rode To Lowman Last Sunday

Discussion in 'Rides' started by XLR8, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Last Sunday I rode to Lowman. But I didn't go through Idaho City. Instead I went through Banks and along that wonderful road with nice sweepers. I stopped to watch some people in the river and took my time.

    After Garden Valley I was able to keep a pretty good pace but there is a lot of sand and big rocks in the road. There was hardly any traffic and I was able to have my way with the road. The sand is mostly pushed off on the sides but it was pretty deep in spots but there were quite a few very large rocks right in the middle of the lane.

    I sat in Lowman for a while at the lodge (still getting used to the position on the GSX-R) and watched 5 or 6 snow plows coming down from 21 to Idaho City.

    I decided I didn't want any of that and went back the exact same way.

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    Glad to hear you had an enjoyable ride and thanks for posting up the road conditions. I'm quite eager for the chance to do the full loop again, its been too long!
    From what I hear, the road to Bogus is pretty clear at least half way up. With yesterday's rain, there's likely more sand on the road already but it shouldnt' be too bad. I'm hoping to do a casual ride up there just to check the conditions. Perhaps tonight....

  3. I've made a few runs to Idaho City too. Hey I thought some of you guys were going up there today?