I need a new 190 back tire

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Durka Turka, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Anyone knows where I can get a good deal for a 190 locally or internet.
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    Send a PM to R1-Superstar here on the site (or call the number on the DNA Racing banner). He's a Bridgestone (that's what's on your bike if I recall) dealer in SLC and can probably hook you up on a good deal and have it drop shipped to you.

  3. You should at least look here http://www.accwhse.com/

    This company has been way below what others were charging lately--at least for Bridgestone 014s and 020s.

    No clue if they are as competitive on the really sticky tires or not....

    Note that although they maintain a business office on Glenwood (near the fairgrounds), last time I ordered they would not allow local pickup without still paying the shipping fee.

    Hope it helps....
  4. Tanman

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    Try going to a 180 tire. It'll still fit your tire rim, it's cheaper and you can turn better on it. I made that change on my old 750 and loved it.