I got Screwed!!

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  1. Long story short... a great day was ruined when I went out to my beloved bike only to notice a giant screw stuck right through the center of my rear tire (plenty of tread left too!) Damn-it! :banghead:

    Luckily I scored some new Pirelli Diablo Corsa III's when Pirelli was running the buy the rear get the front free promo. Sadly, they still arent here and I don't know how long it's going to take! But... do any of you guys know the cheapest place to get the tires put on the rim if you didn't buy the tire through them?? :2cents:

    And all this had to happen right when it warms back up and the forecast looks perfect for at least the next week!!! :thumbdown:

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    Technically, the cheapest way is to do it yourself. But, if you don't want to or don't have a bead breaker and other tools, that's not practical. I do my own and was planning to do tires for everyone else but I'm trying to refrain because the risk of scratching up someone's rim is a big hassle/worry.

    I hear that Big Twin Cycles is a great place for tire changes but you might also check Cycle Salvage.

  3. Great! Thanks man... I was thinking Big Twin in the back of my mind for some reason cuz they have always been really nice, and that's where I got my bike dyno'd but... I didnt know if they would change out my tires w/o having bought frm them.

    Completely forgot about Cycle Salvage- thats the one right down on Chinden right? If so, thats not too far from my house!

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    That's the one.
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    Depending on where the hole is and how bad it is, you may just want to plug it.

    There are two types of plug kits for bike tires.
    The first type uses a mushroom shaped plug and a gun. You actually use the gun mechanism to jam the plug through the hole and then you tug back on it so that the mushroom portion seats against the inside of the tire. This style plug is used for roadside repairs without removal of the tire and is a great kit to take on road trips (along with a few CO2 cartridges to air it up).
    The second type is a combination of patch and plug. Basically, its a rubber patch with a plug coming out of the center. You feed the plug through the hole from the inside (the plug initially has a metal spike wrapped around it that jams through the tire fairly easily) adn then you tug on the plug from the outside to seat it. The patch portion seals against the inside surface (rubber cement is also used) to make sure the plug doesn't slide out and to help seal around it.

    I've run a plug for almost 4,000 miles including two track days and did not have any problem.
  6. Well... I had heard about plugs before, just never reallyknew if they were relliable. Also, I posted the same thread over at Idahosportbikes and one of the guys said that Big Twin has plug kits for like $50 ... Im definitely going to have to look into those!

    Thanks again for all your help man! :dblthumb:

    P.S. did you just buy the tool that allows you to take tires on and off or what? How do you do your own?
  7. You live in Mtn. Home by chance? Bring them over, I will do them. Usually takes me an hour for a set. I dont care where you bought them either. But if you buy tires from the shop I work at (AJ's motorsports, Mtn Home, ID, phone# 580-0700) in the future, I will do them for you then too!!
  8. I appreciate that! ;D But nope, not in Mtn.Home damn. Stuck all the way back here in boise!
  9. wow wow wow, $50, f that man. go to fred meyers and get a plug kit for 5.99. they are the same ones i have used at the salvage. i got a screw the day i got my brand new pilot powers on and ran the entire life of the tire with a plug. may not have been the smartest thing but welcome to a college life budget. and yes the salvage will do your tire for you. they are under new ownership and all so last time i went they did anyways. if darcie is there tell her jake who used to own skittles last year sent you and she may give you a deal. however it should only be like 30 bucks anyways.