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  1. So yesterday sitting at work when my district manager calls me, I guess he was " talking to so high ranking people" from Meridian and Ada County :police: ya so he tells me they have and are doubling there interest in ticketing us and he droped the name Boise Riders and I have never said anthing about the big B, He knows about M2M and has made fun of me for about 4 months now about that. But It came out of no where and he does deal with the :police: alot being the DM for Nextel so it just thru me a bit. I dont know what :squid: is throwing our names around or if its B.S. but I have been seenin alot more of the boys in blue on the highways and hidding around town with radar out, my brother recieved a flippin recklace for going 55 in a 35. I dont know so off the :soap: just a heads up, this is a place to share ride info. :devil1: ...
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    The :police: have some interest in Boise Riders? What the hell? Technically, its just a website for riders to BS and help each other out and we've definately not done anything as a group that would be considered bad in any way.
    I guess we'll have to see what happens but really, its still going to come down to whatever an individual rider is doing. There is absolutely no justifiable way that anyone can lump all BoiseRiders.net members together with anything more than "they belong to the same internet forum." Hell man, even the stunters on here stay legal by going to places where they have permission to practice.

  3. Well I guess if they are reading this :naughty we are not doing anything wrong so :flipa
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    Exactly right. I watch what I'm doing out there so that I don't have to worry. There's a site disclaimer up now in hopes that, if a few people do something dumb and get busted, the rest of us won't have to suffer because of it.
  5. I wasnt trying to start problems, this is just what I was told so wanted to let the group know. Its :bs: I believe also.
  6. wow i guess it would be wise not to break the law any more, i mean cause you can ALWAYS believe what you read on the internet, especially forums

    ps i was doing 500 mph in a school zone :slap2:
  7. You lie... :lies:

    I know it was only 453.
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    Definately because I passed him at 505 mph like he was standing still.
  9. We all know that some (not all) cops have had it out for street bikes and there riders for some time now. At the beginning of the summer when they were getting really dicked about writting the most extreme tickets they could, I mey with one of the main :police: and warned him that if they did not quit harrasing us so bad we would no longer stop for them. They are aware that this presents a problem, they know that if we choose to run we typically get away(not recomending, cause if you do get caught you're F'D). Any time you are stopped for a bs reason, let the cop know that if they don't lay off you'll not stop next time. In larger metro areas this tactic has been very effective and we all have to get along at some point. :2cents:
  10. Damn my speedo must be a little off then :tantrum:
  11. Are you supposed to pull over when they turn on the lights :dunno: ? :police: :thumbdown:
  12. Heck, the last time I got pulled over, the :police: didn't even hit the lights... just passed me (in my own lane) and pointed to the side of the road... Then he gets off his bike, runs up to me and starts ranting that I'm making the rest of us [motorcycle riders] look bad... because I accelerated to get in front of a line of cars getting on the Interstate instead of merging into the middle of them. What's the posted speed limit on Interstate onramps? :dunno:
  13. While I haven't had any "negative contact" with the police while on my bike, I some how expect it.

    I guess I am just overwhelmed that the police would choose to monitor this forum, with it's 10 or so contributing members.
    I will no longer go on any scheduled group rides that are posted on this board.... unless they are written in code ;D
    Up is down and time would seem to be hours behind

    Oh and btw Officer Friendly....I have the slowest bike here :dblthumb:
  14. The POLICE ARE NOT READING THIS FORUM this topic was that my boss said that the police are cracking down on guys riding around like idiots, calling themself's clubs and i was saying for those of us to take at easy around town and be safe. Its crazy how people can BLOW things way out of porportion..... :banghead: Come on. This is stupid AHHHH the sky is falling.
  15. Ahh now you tell me I allready sold my bike and bought a vespa so I could start riding like one of those :asshat: `s :joke:
  16. Funny +1
    If your Goin fast enough they cant catch you on radar!!!! :joke:
  17. Damnit... me and idgsxr got a group buy on Vespa's.

    You have to admit though Yokom... the thread was a little confusing. But its good that Hoz put the disclaimers up anyways, and it was a good reminder that this is a public forum.

    Now what to do with this pink Vespa...
  18. Didnt mean for the confushion. :slap2:
  19. Well when you say he/they dropped the name "Boise Riders" that implies that they know where and who we are and are peeking in to see where the "law breakers" are going.

    I imagine that some police guy some where salivates everytime Hoz posts he's going to an event.