Hozehead you ready to wrench?

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  1. I had planned on working on my bike all day today and getting most of it done but Clayton was sick today and unable to show up. I wanted his help mainly to run all my electrical in the best positions to avoid heat from the can, I was also hoping he could help me figure out a way to eliminate the exhaust servo unit without activating my F1l light. I have my tires here also if you have any spare time let me know. If I remember correctly you are going out of town this week but let me know
  2. Clayton was a no show agian last night :banghead: I am really losin it I just need a couple good hours of help and I will be all but finished up. I got the new rear sprocket done I need to cut the chain and replace the front sprocket and chain. I need help with heat sheilding the electronics and mounting the new tires then its back on with the plastic and off to the gas station. In the meantime Im dying here!

  3. Up for whatever, but I'm pretty worthless... I guess I can bring beer!!! hells yea!!
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    When I'm actually in town for more than 10 minutes, I can help with most of that.

    I've got a Dremel to cut off your old chain.
    Are you going to rivet or clip the new one on? I've only got mine clipped but with the power of your bike and a 520 chain, a rivet would be best. I don't have a rivet tool though.

    The front spocket is cake.

    Tire mounting I can do. I'll probably grab your wheels/tires from you on Tuesday so that I can work on them when I get some free time.

    Heat shielding the electonics shouldn't be too bad if we can find some good material. I'm envisioning an adhesive backed sheet of heat shielding that we can cut to the shape(s) we need and apply inside of the tail.
  5. Rumor has it Motoone allows people to borrow or rent a chain rivet tool... assuming I get my bike back tomorrow I'll be doing my 520 conversion tomorrow night.
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    Where is your bike right now?
  7. Well.........

    At 4k Miles last summer my fork seal started leaking. I took it in and they covered it. Great.
    I wreck my bike, rashed plastic, bent break lever, bent wheel etc. 500 bucks later everything is all fixed up.
    Something didnt feel right still. With no hands the bike pulls to the right a tad front end sqeaks a little.
    5800 miles, right fork seal is leaking again...... take it in, out of warranty now, they call yamaha and are going to warranty it.
    Measure my inner fork tube, bent. 293.19 and 1.5 weeks for a new one. I call flatout, overnight shipment to them from yamaha warehouse, overnight to me, 262 and change.
    Fork will be in tomorrow. Snake river is covering labor since yamaha said to fix the seal. I hope its done by 5.

    Kinda amazing eh? I saved money getting an inner fork tube here in 2 days rather than waiting 1.5 weeks for snake river...
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    Sadly, I'm not the least by surprised by that.
  9. I can pat you on the back and say good job

  10. Good job on what? wrecking my bike or finding the part somewhere else? lol
  11. No good job on putting that part in the right place as they put his bike back together
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    Just make sure they put the right pieces back in the right places.
    One of our friends had an incident last summer where they assembled a brand new wheel but forgot the spacer between the bearings. It was fine at first but started to bind the next day. Its a good thing we tore it apart or he would have had a pretty nasty endo at some point.
  13. I have a chain breaker/riveter tool. You still have to grind the rivets to break the chain, but otherwise it works good. I used a Dremel for grinding. If you need to borrow it, let me know.
  14. I appreciate all the support gentlemen :hail:. If Clayton cant get to it this by this weekend I will probably just assume its gonna be on me and go to work. So anyone who wont be off camping or riding this weekend is welcome to stop by and watch me curse :banghead: Im thinkin Saturday wiill be D-DAY. Beer bringers welcome!
  15. Change of plans I am picking up the tools I need from Clayton tommorrow and he says he is coming over on Sunday I guess if he doesnt make it at least I will have the tools!!
  16. do you think moto tech will lend me the same tool if i promise not to break it
  17. Its worth a try!!
  18. :eek:fftopic: noticed you changed your avatar looks good
  19. thanks check the quote!! ;D