How long for Idaho State Tax Refund?

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  1. E-filed my Idaho State Income Tax return with Turbo Tax,
    and it was accepted on January 21st. My refund will be
    processed via direct deposit to my checking account.

    Anyone know how long it usually takes? The Idaho State
    Tax website doesn't have that information other than it
    usually takes 6 weeks to process which must be for
    snail mail.
  2. It takes about the same amount of time as your Federal returns when you e-file. However I thought the state didn't start processing checks, until Feb?

  3. **NEWS UPDATE**

    Obama has seized all Federal and State refunds to buy Couvoisier for all the underprivileged hood rats.

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  4. Well, my e-filed federal return was accepted on January 20th,
    and got that refund *today* which took one week.

    I won't get a check as it'll be an electronic direct deposit. Sent
    an e-mail just a few minutes ago to state asking how long an
    accepted e-filed return gets a direct deposit refund.

    Usually, the sooner we file, the sooner we get our refund as the
    longer we wait, the more returns they have to process before
    getting to ours.
  5. Direct deposit is the same as processing a check. Remember that companies don't have to send out w2s, 1099gs, etc until the end of the month. If I recall though it use to be stated on the web page, about how they wouldn't start to process your refund - check, direct deposit, etc until Feb although this might have changed.
  6. If I got an e-mail from them, will post that info here. Ditto for the
    upcoming refund. Guess we just have to wait and see how it goes.

    Was fortunate to get all of our forms by the 19th. :dblthumb:
  7. last year it took less than ten days to get my refund auto-deposited once it was filed.
  8. Has been 12-days since my Idaho State Income Tax return was e-filed and
    accepted. No direct deposit refund yet. Hopefully, by end of this week.
  9. Direct Deposits are usually done on Thursday night Friday morning, 12:01 Friday.
  10. Nothing yet. I did check my refund status online, and all it
    said was that my return was processed and refunds take
    3 weeks.

    Didn't say when it was processed (was accepted 1/21/10)
    nor whether 3 weeks is for checks and/or direct deposits.
  11. I received both of mine a week after I filed about one week ago.
  12. Guess you were lucky like I was last year. Maybe 1040EZ is quicker than the
    1040A. :dunno:

    I just called them, and was told that I should get it within two weeks. They
    couldn't give me an exact date. They process refunds every day, not just on
    Fridays at 12:01am or whatever.

    Mine was actually processed and refund is coming, but exactly when is a very
    good question! :(

    Got my last refund a couple of days after my IRS refund last year, but got
    my IRS refund even faster this year while the Idaho refund is slow for some

    Appreciate all the feedback though! :clap
  13. I got my federal return yesterday 2-4-10 and I got my state return today 2-5-10. I went to my parents tax person, I filed sometime around the 26th of January.

    But she did tell me that they would deposit it on the 5th or the 12th she didnt know what date.
  14. Got a letter from the State Tax Commission this afternoon,
    and they had to make an adjustment to my return. I blew
    it with claiming last year's refund as a prepayment on this
    year's return. Happy fingers on my part.

    They reduced my refund which is correct BUT it's on hold
    until the 24th of this month so as to give me time to not
    agree with their adjustment.

    Since I agree with their adjustment, sent an e-mail stating
    as much to the e-mail address they provided me, and will
    also mail back their letter with my note on Monday.

    Just want to get the process going ASAP. Not sure whether
    they're legally bound to hold the process for 3 weeks even
    though I agree with them. Sigh.

    Your return has finished processing. If you are due a refund,
    allow 3 weeks for your refund to be processed and sent.
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