How do you pay for riding? (aka... what's your job?)

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hozhead, Jul 6, 2006.

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    So, how does everyone here get $$$ to pay for their bike, accessories, gear, etc?

    I'm a "Programmer / Analyst" at Hewlett Packard.
    Basically, I build touch tone and voice response phone menus and routing for the HP and Compaq customer service lines. A whole lot of my job is the Analyst portion where we're consulting and trying to convince busniess people to make good decisions.

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    Did you see the title under my username? Yeah that's right. I knew it was a repost but I wanted to give you something to talk about. Now everyone can talk about how long it takes you to get banned when you call "REPOST" on the GLOBAL MODERATOR.

  3. I write software at Micron. :angel:
  4. Hahahah... this is a good post O_O :up_yours: :banghead: I am currently unemployed hahahah I just moved to mountain home the 10th of june, and im still lookin for a job. My previous job in SD was a feedtruck driver/ mill operator. I drove around in a huge truck hauling a mix of chopped hay, silage, corn flake, and all kinds of good chemicals/liquids that help cows grow an stay healthy. I drove to specified pens and dropped a specified amount of feed into a bunk. Its harder than it sounds, an you gotta be hella good at backing up while paying attention to all sorts of other distractions.

    so... whos hiring me as their gardner for $15 an hour and free raspberry tea? :p

  5. OOOOHHH BURN :devil:
  6. I walk around in circles scratching at the ground like a chicken or whatever else dane tells me.
  7. avionics tech p/t
    security p/t
  8. Food consultant...otherwise employeed by good ol' Jack n the Crack! :banghead: Currently looking for another job (go figure).

    Full time student (helicopter pilot) Making it lil' difficult to have decent job due to work/class hours.
  9. I work at CitiCards (the big call center on Eagle and Overland) in the Service Engineering department. I develop changes (code, tool, oracle tables) for the desktop program that the customer service phone reps use to take phone calls.
  10. I am a Civilian Employee Systems Administrator for the Idaho Army National Guard, kinda sorta in a temporary status, but looking for more permanent work in the same field. Heh, anyone hiring? :joke:
  11. oh so your the one that keeps f'ing with my wife PC? lol.. :neener:
  12. I doubt it... unless she works in the Blackhawk Hangar... :dblthumb: :angel:
  13. no but she may come out there from time to time,

    Tina Williams

    2LT, AN, IDARNG <--- my wife,,

    Occupational Health Nurse
  14. Linux Engineer/SA for CRI Advantage (local IT consulting firm) working at Albertsons/SuperValue for 2 years now.
  15. I am a software developer. I keep the lights on.

  16. I like to use debit cards. sometimes cash but not offten i save that for poker games. every so often i write a check and visa when i want something now but pay for it later. then there is dave he buys it for me and i get around to paying him back like a month later.

    ?Jobs Entrepreneur, home builder, AES,Inc., Barlow Fine Art -- and telling shea where to scratch like a chicken and when and where he can :bs: