Horseshoe Bend - Emmett Loop: May 2nd 5:30pm

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, May 2, 2006.

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    We'll be doing a the Horseshoe Bend loop this afternoon. We plan to meet at 5:30pm at the Chevron on Beacon Light & Horseshoe Bend Rd.

    A couple of us have places to be after the ride so we won't be hanging around at the Chevron too long so please try to be there and ready to go by 5:30.

  2. K, I am gonna try, but don't wait for me, stuff seems to happen at just about the time the bike gets pulled out ::)

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    For those with time constraints, we some riders may simply ride to Horseshoe Bend and then turn around rather than proceeding with a full loop through Emmett.
  4. Ya couldn't make it....worked till 8pm. But after work my roommate (who just got a himself a streetbike) and i went for a ride to Lucky Peak. I'm sure he'll be registering on soon.
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    I actually flaked on the ride as well. I was involved in some work related items that I needed to be finished.

    We'll have to try for Thursday afternoon. Hopefully a few people can make it with some advanced notice. Tomorrow I'll try to get a plan and post it up.
  6. Yeah thanks for flaking by the way Hoz! Ill remember that. It was eventful anyways since Ryan blew up the motor in his brand new R6 with 1500 miles on it. Its all about locking up the rear tire at an undisclosed speed in a corner. :devil:
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    Holy hell!!

    Now I'm REALLY wishing I wasn't working at the time. I LOVE to see Yamahas go down when there's a Honda nearby running just fine.
    Okay, that was out of line.

    That SUCKS that Ryan's motor let loose. Is this something that will be covered in the warranty? I'm not sure on the warranty terms though I'd gather that with so few miles it would be.

    So did the motor let loose and cause him to lock up the rear tire or did the motor let loose as a result of him locking the rear somehow?
  8. Holy crap
    will yamaha cover it
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    Apparently they will. Ryan said that Snake River will be doing the repairs under warranty.
    I would expect them to put a new motor in since there's a hole in the block of the current one!
  10. Yeah hopefully my block stays "hole free"