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    Here's the semi-complete list of Honda rumors:

    #1) All-new CBR600RR. This one is a given, since a two year life span is all a manufacturer can hope for these days in the ultra-competitive sportbike market. Expect lots of new trickle down technology from the MotoGP class like the electronic steering dampner currently being used on the CBR1000RR, fly-by-wire throttle technology, wave rotors, slipper-clutch, and more! Spy photo shown of a recently being tested 2007 prototype CBR600RR caught in Italy by MCN.

    #2) All-New VFR? That is the question isn't it? The most eagerily anticipated next generation VFR ever. For over 6 years now the Interceptor fans have salivated over the idea of a 1000cc VFR. Will there wishes come true?

    #3) All-New Turbo-charged VTX1800? Wow, this could just be dreams of fantasy, but Europe is touting that Honda has a all-new high powered Turbo-Charged Big Twin coming. Our tech's say this wouldn't work so well for a big twin, but who know's, if anyone can do it, Honda can. Maybe it's actually Super-charged (which would make more sense from a manufacturing standpoint). Either way, expect something big from Honda in the Super Cruiser class for 2007.

    #4)Replacement for the now removed CBR1100XX BlackBird? Mixed rumors on this one. Some say Honda has gotten too conservative to put out a 200 hp monster to take on the upcoming new Hayabusa and new bad boy ZX-14, I guess will find out.

    #5) All new replacement for the CB900 (919). A new naked from Honda in the Big CC class? Well they already have the CB1300 in Europe and Japan that they could bring in, or the new CBF1000 just released in Europe, and being touted by Motorrad and MCN magazine as the possible Bike of the Year! Let's hope?

    #6) Will American Honda finally bring in the Transalp and Varadero series to the USA with more and more riders purchasing Dual-purpose mounts these days for adventure touring and commuting? Or does Honda have a new more serious Big XL in the works coming out for all those hard-core on and off-road riders?

    #7) SuperMoto anyone? Honda currently has a 50cc, 100cc, 250cc, & 400cc XR based Supermoto's being sold in Japan, plus Honda Europe is selling a XR650L based "FXR650" [see concept gallery section for photo] Supermoto. Is the time ripe to finally bring one into the USA. Suzuki's sell-out of there new DRZ400SM SuperMoto should be a good sign. Let's hope!

    #8) Will the concept DN-01 CVT(automatic/manual) 680cc V-Twin Hybrid motorcycle scooter come out in 2007? Sounds like this very cool new model is coming, but I wouldn't expect it in the states until 2008 for sale. Sounds like Japan will see it first for sale in late 2007. See Tokyo Motor Show info in gallery for more photo's.

    #9) We would also love to see a entry-level modern motorcycle in the 400-500cc range priced in the $5000-$6000 price point. Honda currently offers a nice CBF500 in Europe that is priced like a Suzuki GS500F but with much more modern motor, chassis, and brakes. Or maybe they will come out with a cool re-make of the cult loved Hawk 650? They still make the motor, it is being used in the Deuville and the new concept DN-01 as a 680cc. So how about it Honda, a new 680cc Hawk? Or maybe the cool Hyper-Vtec CB400 from Japan will come over?

    #10) A 125-150cc scooter would do nicely now with our rising gas prices. Honda has a hole in their scooter line-up right now between 80cc and 250cc. A $2,999 mid-size scooter would be great! Wouldn't mind a 80cc Metro or Ruckus either Honda!
  2. cant wait to see the new RR... I might have to try and get 3/4 jobs lined up in a day just to eventually buy one. sweet. hahaha

  3. It will be nice to see what they come up with, I guess we will know in what nov. dec.
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    There should be a press release in September from what I've heard. I'll be dreaming of new Hondas until then!
  5. I am tempted to go down to carls and demand answers.
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    Those guys never have any solid information. Tools!