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  1. I have a 06 1000 RR im looking into exausts. And I have heard a few differnt ways to go, im looking under the $ 500 mark. I have been told go Mig that I like or Scorpion, or Two Brothers,,,, and how much is a power commander? Any thoughts would really help out. Im not after a loud attention bike I want performance. Thanks
  2. Well two brothers is a little loud, but i am not sure what the gains on it are, but you will have some gain and lose a little weight. Here is a link for one that is under $500
    Power commanders range a little in price depends on where you go, I think I paid like $250 or $275. you could also check out they might have some good suggestions

  3. I have a friend with an 04 1000rr running Akrapovic (kinda spendy) but definantly the performance way to go and powercommander has an established map for that set up. By the way the friend I speak of races semi-pro in so-cal so he knows what he is doing!
  4. Damnit Yokom!!

    Just do it!! :devil3: Online it looks like PCIII's for your bike are running around $275. Both links above are full systems, but in my opinion they are probably the most badass full systems on the market for any bike. Arrow's has a huge racing background with WSBK and TiForce has been known for huge power increases... again, these are full systems. I'd take Alxandr's advice and hit some other forums to see what other 1000rr owner's are doing for slip on's. Akrapovic makes a nice slip on, its about $600 though...
  5. Ok Nick and everyone, Nick ha ok man im going to have to bust it out. :devil1:
  6. That'd be a serious dilemma if I had your bike and the money to get either one of those. Look at the price on that Ti-Force though. Reg is $1600 and they're selling it for $988!
  7. Most people don't realize it, or don't want to admit it but adding an exhaust and power commander usually drops your hp. I know it sounds crazy, but the maps that dynojet sends you are made on a dyno at sea level and never work up here. I know this because I have logged several hours of dyno time at both dyno shops here in Boise. Unless you plan on spending the extra $ to log an hour on the dyno don't buy a power commander. Now if you plan on running a dry nos shot the power commander is an absolute must have but that is really the only reason.
    Also, I don't know about the Honda but on the Suzuki GSXR 1000 the Ti Force made the most power. With a Yosh TRS we got 2 hp, with an Akro we got 4, with a Ti Force we got 9!
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    The true benefit of a Power Commander isn't the peak horsepower gain, its from a much smoother (and stronger) overal power curve.

    Manufacturers basically de-tune their bikes at certain RPM ranges in order to meet emissions and noise level requirements. A good power commander map will bump up and smooth out the power in those (and other) ranges which gives you a big improvement in rideability. After all, what good is an extra 10 horsepower on the top end if your bike doesn't run well in the RPM ranges you actually use most?
  9. couldn't agree with you more, but without custom building your own map on a local dyno your fuel curve is all over the place generally causing you to loose power.
    A few years ago I was running nos and here is a copy of a map I made for nitrous before I had my 3 way map switch. You can see on the all motor pull it is very rich but on the nos pulls it is pretty clean.
  10. Thanks for posting that up Bungee. The #1 thing that I've enjoyed from my Power Commander has been the throttle response. Its a lot more crisp and is a lot smoother (does that make sense?). With the riding level that I'm at, I'm 100% willing trade 3 or 4 hp on top for a smoother throttle response, especially mid corner at 5 or 6k rpm's where it used to be twitchy (I know... hit it at 8 or 9).

    As for the nitrous? It wouldn't matter since I'd be blowing my purge valve in Kevin's face the whole time at every light :finger: I'd have none left for the bike :laughing: