Highway 21 North of Idaho City

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    I was up on Highway 21 North of Idaho City for a camping trip last night and wanted to let everyone know about present road conditions.

    Boise to Lucky Peak - - - If its not raining, the road is clear and in good shape.

    Lucky Peak to Idaho City - - - The road is good for a while but the river has been flooding so there are places where the edge of the road has been washed out. There are many places with fresh dirt/gravel hauled in to build up the shoulder where it washed away. In addition to the river/road issues, there are many places with dirt/mud/rock sliding down the hill side to the road. Most of the slide material is only at the edge but there are some rocks in the road. All in all, its an ill-advised ride this time of year.

    Idaho City to 10 miles North of Idaho City - - - The road is up above the river more so there aren't any flooding issues but there are some areas with dirt/mud/rock sliding onto the road. The potholes are certainly not getting any better either. There's still quite a bit of snow along side the road even that low in the mountains (there was about 3 feet where we were). Given the road up to Idaho City, you've got no business being up past Idaho City anyway.
  2. screw that I can make it..... Jus tneed to get some knobbies mounted and I'm off.

    I just picture any movie featuring a streetbike that has those wicked cool street tire to knoobie in just a few second of film (MI2, Torque, Squider boys,...etc) I just need to find where they sell those bad boys ::)

  3. Thanks for the update. That bad huh? Sheeeeyat I was doing the Lowman loop last year at first weekend in April. I think we did Stanley by this time last year. It just doesn't want to be spring around here. It shouldn't be long now though.