Hey Hozehead you got anytime tonight?

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by idgsxr1k, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Im going to try and get somemore work done tonight, I havent gotten the axle wrench from Bigityb yet and I have had no luck finding the exaust clamp I need I might just try cycle salvage today.
  2. Hozhead

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    If my wife goes to Nampa to hang out with her sister, I've got PLENTY of time.
    If not, I'll catch plenty of crap but can probably help anyway.

  3. If any of you are over in Nampa stop by the getaway on 12th ave. I will be down there trying to play pool...
  4. What time are you guys starting? I'm gonna cruize up and down orbit at 15k rpms till I find ya. :angel:
  5. I dont want to get the wifey mad at you so just let me know if she goes to nampa or not, I just got home from work so its time to eat and then I will I am going to start tracking parts. Do you think a hose clamp will work for that exhaust clamp? I will be around all afternoon the garage is open.
  6. Im easy to find big white house little red swire coca-cola truck in the driveway and loud music coming from the third bay of the garage!
  7. \
    I would think that would work. Aren't thay stainless steel
  8. ya they are they just arent as thick as exhaust clamps
  9. The hose clamp bolt may slip if too tight and vibration may cause an issue with that also but i have not looked closely at exhaust clamp. i want to think it would do a good job until you could replace it. to put stamp of approval on it would be difficult i would hate for one more bad thing to happen with getting your phillie on the road.
  10. No doubt and I already have an issue with vibration obviously by the fact that everytime we get back from Lowman I have lost a couple subframe bolts or a brake resovoir bolt or a main fairing stay bolt. Maybe you arent supposed to run at 11krpms for 120miles,hmm...................nah that cant be it!!
  11. no that's fine just don't take it slightly under the factory suggested redline for too long or if will munch itself oh wait thats only happens with 06 yamaha i guess thats what lieing about the rev limit is all about
  12. Im holding out for a honda if I get a track bike this year 05 prefferably
  13. Back to the topic, Ok old chain off new chain and sprocket ready to go on. Anybody got tips!
  14. It's an easy job, just make sure to double-count the number of links before you cut the new chain. Is your new sprocket bigger?
  15. front is the same size 2 up on the rear. I dont have a big enough socket to pull the front spprocket though hozehead is on his way to see what we can do
  16. Fooking weather.. maybe when my wife gets home ill drive the cage over there.
  17. I guess you'll need more chain links than the original. I went -1 in front and +1 in back and I was able to use the same size chain as stock.

    I have a couple of large sockets. If you need to borrow one, let me know what size and I'll see if I have it.
  18. I have to go buy more tools and we are going to get back after it tommorrow afternoon.
  19. You done then? I was bringing beer!+
  20. Yes! Never pass up an opportunity to buy more tools!