Here's The Set-Up For Speedin'

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  1. I'm out on the roads a lot and you guys all know it can be a challenge to keep it legal sometimes. So I picked up some goodies:

    BelRX65 Radar Detector:

    Stem mount for the GSX-R:

    The H.A.R.D. System:
    (nevermind the ghey helmet)

    I've got it all wired and mounted up. The HARD system is the shiznit. I can post pics of the set up on my GSX-R if you guys want. I shoulda took some today and now the wife is asleep so tomorrow.

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    Very sweet setup. I'll have to save up the $$$ but I'd definately like to be set up like that.

  3. would definately be worth the money but damn, thats still a lotta money.

    nice set up though, im jealous :p

  4. Well I had to save up for this stuff. But it's all about priorities right? I don't need any mods at the moment to make my bike faster so I thought I'd spend some money keeping my insurance premiums down. ;D

    I took the set up out for a test run today and it did really well. I was impressed. I did the Lowman --> Idaho City loop and was accurately alerted twice. Very nice!

    I'm doing a long trip over Lolo Pass to Missoula this weekend (Durka Turka is coming too) so the new toys should be nice.

    BTW, when you guys did the Lowman loop Saturday did you notice how slick the black tar patches are on the Idaho City side of More's Creek summt? Holy crap I had a front wheel pucker moment. Maybe it's the OEM Slipstones. I can't wait to pitch these pieces of crap and get Pilot Powers.

    Here's a picture of the set up.
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    Beautiful bike! So how did you do the radar detecor setup in case I want to do the same thing on my bike?
  6. Thanks. :)

    I wired the detector up to the license plate light which was available because the first thing I did when I got the bike was yank the ugly plastic jock strap fender thing in the back. Back then I cut off the plate light, taped the ends and stuffed it in the side of the trunk thinking I'd use the circuit one day.

    Anyway, I used a volt meter to figure out which circuit was ground (it's the black with a white stripe BTW, the positive wire is gray) and connected the detector with what's called a direct wire connector. I didn't mess around with the smart cord/cigarette lighter connector. You could probably make your own but the direct wire is $10 from Escort and has an inline fuse built in.

    Once I had it connected to a power source I routed the cord under the seat and underneath the right side of the tank. I had to pull the little black tank panel off (doesn't come off how you'd think) to make things easier. I put a few zip ties in various places to keep things tidy. I also left enough slack so I can run the detctor in stealth mode inside my tank bag if I want. When I am not using the detector I can store the wires just under the right front of the tank.

    Also the detector is velcroed (how do you spell that?) to the stem mount but I just have that small bungie on there for safety until I can find the kind of velcro strap I need. REI didn't have them niether did Home Depoe.

    And that's it. I'm an electrical idiot (I can write some mean software though) and it took me about an hour. Most of the time was spent being anal about routing the cord to the front of the bike and making sure things are neat.

    This is one of the best mods I've done for highway back road travel. I don't get too cocky because I have a detector but use it rather like another sense so to speak. It worked perfectly yesterday.

  7. hehe sweet setup!! Always nice to avoid a ticket!
  8. I don't think I'd waste my money on laser detection and jamming around here unless you are doing a lot of freeway/connector travel. Police don't use it in the mountains because they can't and most except State Police don't have the budget.

  9. I don't do TONS of freeway, but the bike cops are sneaky. Having been party to several road blocks in idaho city, lowman, banks, and Sun Valley...
  10. An Oregon cop told me that she would leave her radar off until she spoted somebody she wanted to check.