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  1. Guys,

    I want to jam as much riding in as possible before the weather really gets crapty.. So i am in desprate need of information!!! What are some good riding spots/trips that i could do in a weekend.. last weekend we hit stanley.(pic posted under twin falls forums) .. now we are looking for somewhere else to feed our additicion! Do you guys know of any good spots.. perferable nothing longer than 300 miles away... also want to stay away from the that freaking chipseal.. Any info would be great!!!

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    Stay away from Bogus Basin. I went to ride it yesterday and it was horrible. I got about 1/4 the way up and just turned around and went back home. The junk they put on the ground is loose and my tire felt wobbly on it. Rocks were hitting the underneath of ny bike. I guess they like a rough surface for when the snow is on the ground it gives better tractiong for the skiers and snowboarders. :fiddy:

  3. thanks for the warning.....any one else????
  4. there is a group ride to lowman this weekend
  5. Hwy 78

    go to Nampa take 45 south
    head east to grand view
    it will take you by the Sand Dunes
    then had up to Mtn Home and Jump on the interstate