Hells Canyon, Joseph, Enterprise, La Grande - Tomorrow, Aug 13, 7:30AM

Discussion in 'Rides' started by XLR8, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. A couple of us are going on a longish ride tomorrow. The loop will be something like Hells Canyon, Joseph, Enterprise, La Grande.

    We are going to try and not slab it back from La Grande, but if we are running short on time we may have to. I know, it sucks. Also, if we are tired, we may cut it short and go though Halfway to Baker City instead of going into Joseph. It depends on how we feel and anyone is free to peel off wherever you need.

    Wanna come? This aint a run up Bogus this will be a LONG (500mi) day but it's a chance to see some nice roads (there are some shatty parts too) you may not have experienced before. The pace will be a sport touring pace so that means brisk but nothing too crazy. My friend Kent does pass everything and anything on wheels though. His passes are works of art. ;D

    Where & When?
    Sunday, Aug 13, 7:30 AM @ Starbucks on Franklin - Over by Best Buy where they are building the new Cabela's
  2. how did the ride go? I have ridden that too, like you said it's really pretty or really crappy. From here up to Weiser, I believe, is so boring.

  3. It was a great ride and it was the most tired I've ever been after getting off a bike but that's probably because I trashed myself on my mountain bike the day before doing a 4 hour ride. I have to check with a friend but I'm pretty sure it was over 500 miles on the GSX-R. I forgot to reset my trip 2 counter. The weather was good and the road between Joseph and La Grande was perfect. It's not really tight stuff but you can have fun if you wick it up a little trhough those sweepers. I'm not super fast anyway so it doesn't take much to keep me entertained. ;D

    From La Grande to Baker City we tried a new route so we didn't have to slab it. It was pretty cool. Here it is:

    From Baker to Boise we just hopped on the Freeway but since we had radar detectors we just put er in 6th and did 90 - 95 all the way back to Boise.

    It was a good day.