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  1. Back in Oregon, I used headphones with my mp3 player during my daily commute to work and touring. Is that legal here in Boise? Thanks!

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    yes, as far as I know...

    If it's not....I'm a real rebel and will keep doing it *snort*

  3. Wearing headphones while driving a car is illegal so I would assume it to be the same for motorcyclists. A buddy of mine got an "inattentive driving" ticket for wearing them in his car. They said he couldn't be fully aware of his surroundings with them on. Something about sirens and such.
  4. I'm pretty sure it is illegal in most states, however I havn't been able to locate any Idaho specific laws on it. Helmet speakers however, are not restricted.

    It's probably just one of those things that isn't really enforced, but a cop could ticket you for it if they really wanted to.

    On an unrelated note, while looking around for this, I did discover that it is legal to ride your bicycle on the interstate. :wtf: :rofl: I did not know that.
  5. I Have heard you can wear them in one ear only... i will do some research on this and find out
  6. That depends on how you interpret the law. While driving a car, yes they are illegal however you are allowed to wear 2 ear plugs by law in Idaho, and you may also have 2 ear phones in use for communication devices (Motorcycles only). I do know that in Oregon you are only allowed to have 1 ear phone. Current communication devices will play music, and for the numerous times that I have been pulled over, not one cop has said anything about headphones. I think most understand that you will wear them or ear plugs due to all the wind noise that will keep you from hearing what you need to hear, or just going deaf.

    If you google Motorcycle Laws there is a web page that describes the various laws for each state that you must obide by while on a bike. I found this information a couple years ago, while looking at what was required for Texas as I was planning a long road trip.
  7. Did he happen to ask why they allow deaf people to drive then? Even though they would pay more attention than most cagers, the same thing would apply as they wouldn't hear the sirens.
  8. Yeah, I don't know. I just know he got a ticket and the judge agreed with the cop.

    The thing that gets me is that you can be ticketed for listening to music while driving but it is just fine to yap on a cell phone while shoving a Big Mac into your face at 65 on the interstate (I saw this just today. I assume she was steering with her knee). :dunno:

    I'd be interested to know what the actual law states on this. Where is Shadow with his extensive knowledge of Idaho code?
  9. There Is No law in idaho for it but a cop can still write you a ticket if he sees it as a hazard.. My advice is. keep your music down so he cant hear it for one.. and you can still focuss on your suroundings cause music can be distracting... just be careful it.. i turn mine off in town but when there is no traffic i crank it up
  10. This Year cops can now give you a ticket for use of a cell phone while driving but they can not pull you over for it!!! If they see it in your lap when they pull you over for like speeding, boom there is your ticket for speeding and i dont remember what the infraction is under but the judge gets you on it
  11. I have to be able to hear my bike. I rely on listening to the engine alot to tell where I am without having to glance down at the tach. If my music is too loud, I feel sorta blind as to what my bike is doing. I keep my music volume down to more of a background level against the engine.
  12. Neck deep in medical classes. Right now it is anatomy and phisiology with the current unit being hematology. Toss in clinicals like blood draws, EKG, Lab work, and the such, I have no free time to do any research that isn't school related. LOL

    Anyway, it is not that I have extensive knowledge, it is I was tought how to find stuff. The right search language and what not.

    Here is the site I would use:

  13. IM an earplug guy...I dont think anyone would ride around me if i had my favorite angry music playing through my skull while riding.... :devil1: :rofl:
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    Im with you Bro Wingman till the Grave.
  15. Ive ridden with headphones since day one. Its not blaring in town but I jam out pretty well when I ride Lowman or stunt.

    I feel more grounded and seem to have less anxiety with some tunes. I dont really see it as any different than bumpin to whatever in your cage.

    At least we dont air guitar with our non-smoking hand on the freeway like Ive seen so many people do in cars. :slap2:

    As for the fuzz Ive been pulled over with my ipod clipped on my jacket in clear view and he never said anything :dunno:
  16. Good point there. If there is a ticket for it, Tish would have gotten it. I am sure headphones are technically a violation but I have never hear of or seen anyone busted for it.

    As for the "air guitar", speak for your self. I love to jam out flying down the freeway LOL
  17. Before I moved to Boise a few friends and I had an argument about this very thing.
    In order to settle it we got in touch with the Twin Falls PD.
    Our response...

    Mr. Stansell,

    I am a Staff Sergeant with the Twin Falls Police Department currently the supervisor of the Traffic Division. "The big dude" referred your e-mail request regarding the use of speakers in a motorcycle helmet.

    There are several motorcyclist who have speakers inside of their helmets to aid them with listening to music, cell phones, communication between riders and passengers, etc. Our motor officers utilize speakers inside of helmets as well to communicate with our dispatchers.

    There are no codes that I am aware of, state or city, speaking of this. You are correct in assuming this could create a distraction for the rider, however it is not illegal to have the speakers inside of a helmet.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me with further questions.

    Staff Sergeant [name withheld]
  18. The only music i need to hear is in the form of an intake sucking a shit load of air...........
  19. it is illegal to have ear buds inside your ears., I still wear mine..
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