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  1. what makes your bike feel like it is about to do a head wobble when your just riding down the rode at low speeds, say 25 - 30 mph? is it the road or what. I put 3 more pounds of air in the front an it seems to help, but the bike just feel lose. I do notices myself weving not keeping a staight line. it is like I am fighting to keep it straight.
  2. I haven't had that problem before, but I'll take a stab in the dark at some troubleshooting you could do:

    - check forks to make sure they aren't bent
    - check rim to make sure it is true
    - check wheel runout
    - check head bearings for sloppiness
    - check front tire is in good shape (e.g. not cupped, etc.)
    - double-check tire pressure
    - make sure forks aren't binding
    - make sure the geometry is correct (e.g. front not to too low, rear not too high)
    - make sure your arms are relaxed

    Does the bike track straight when you take your hands off the grips?

  3. i always associate fork issues with arm fatigue. In the past when i had really bad seal or bent fork or triple tree alignment issues one arm gets sore up in the tricept area.
  4. That issue is very common in the 04 and older yamaha's but not so much from the other manufacturers. Do you have a dampner?
  5. well the bike only has a little over 700 miles on it, it better not have any mechanical issues.

    no dampner
  6. order the dampner you will notice an immediate difference. I cant believe that they arent putting them on all bikes right in the factory. Next to frame sliders that is one of the best add-ons I can think of!
  7. well I'll get one when I can, my wifey said I have reached my Limit on speading "carp on that bike" IE. tank bags, sliders, full crash kit, new back tire, pin striping, swing arm stand, LED tale lights, tickets. lol :dblthumb:
  8. You can ocassionally ebay one for a decent price good luck with the wifey
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    That's where I'd start.
    1) Check tire pressure in back tire, not just front.
    2) Made any suspension changes lately? Make sure the back isn't sagging too much. If the back sags, the front tends to float a bit and steering gets pretty bad.
  10. back is 42PSI, and no i have not made any suspension changes
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    You may want to consider running lower PSI in both. I'd suggest trying 36 front, 34 rear. If the pressure is too high, the tire is going to push away from every little bump. You'll also get better traction with lower pressure because the contact patch is larger when the tire has a little give.
  12. yeah you may want to think about changing the rear suspension settings to make it a little harder, to reduce the sag, you are a big guy, and I mean that in a nice way,
  13. Yeah, I do feel that I need a harder ride setting, I can feel that my weight does mess with my cornering, alot and it is ok I know I need to lose about 40 lbs lol... ;D
  14. I don' t know how rear sag affects a weave or wobble, but if you're heavy, you could probably use a different spring. You can crank up the preload, but then you won't have any unloaded static sag.
  15. well I am not that heavy, I only weigh 235. geez lol but all the bike setting are stock,, todays ride was alot better after I added that 3psi into the front tire..
  16. I am around 185 including gear and I went with a stiffer spring.
  17. I made all of my settings harder, and I am 6'1 195 I like it better this way
  18. I feel that I do need a harder ride, I just do not know how hard I should make it.
  19. my bike likes to shimmy from time to time i know the 600rr should have a dampner sold with the bike. i plan to buy one as soon as funding becomes available.