Grudge racing @ firebird Saturday 9/9 NO Eliminations!!!

Discussion in 'Meetups' started by Bungeeguy, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. For those of you that have been thinking about 1/4 mile drag racing this saturday night is the perfect chance. From 6-10 there is open track racing, what this means is that you can pick any other bike you want and the two of you race, heads up, first one to the other end wins. Then you line up again the next time and do it all again. There are no eliminations just lots of racing. Race your friends, that guy who has been talking smack, or your mother(if she has a bike) I preffer to pick on my old man. Hope to see some of you out there.
    Oh, and no dial boards are required for this race.
    Come intruduce yourself at the track.
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    I will see if I can make it. My dad is going to be in town and he might get a kick out of it!

    I used to come down here from Walla Walla WA when I was younger all the time. I have lived here for 15 years and only been to the track twice....I am such a puke....

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    Cool man. Anyone get cell phone reception out there? If so, I can be on call at work AND go drag racing.
  4. It seems like most people get cell phone coverage out there but it is a little spotty.
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    Bungeeguy, what is the format for the evening? Is it all bikes, or will there be cars running also?
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    it cars too its larry miller street leagle grudges
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    Sweet!, I will try to be there. Will try to look you up Bungeeguy.
  8. Haven't been out to Firebird forever. I'd like to check it out after our little "stuntin" at 7:50. And possibly race nick1983 officially on the the track :devil1: and find out what my quarter mile is...
  9. Sweet, the first rock has been tossed. Nick, will you stand for this insult :laughat:
    There will be cars running also but this late in the year we usually get quite a few passes.
    Have fun at the stuntin session.
  10. R there many cars that race bikes out at Firebird??
  11. 1ce is just talking trash because he knows I can't go out and play saturday night ;D

    I may be able to slip away and watch the stuntin'... but that's a definate maybe. My fiancee' has absolutely no interest in it. We'll see...
  12. The only time you can race cars is at "gold cup" events. This is fun because our bikes are so f'n fast the cars look like crap. In Vegas we got to run cars and they would just shake their heads in shame when we lined up :rofl: Good Times!!
  13. umm stunting or drags. stunting or drags. ummmmm
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    stuntin stuntin stuntin :devil1: devil side
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    Come on Pro, it is not "Gun or Pills", pick your poison...
  16. I fixed my typos geezz I was thinking of leaveing it but....
  17. well here is my deal, I want to learn some stunts, but the wifey dose not want me to do stunts, but I am alond to drag race my bike, and I do have a buddy that races a nos bike out there and he to have been trying to get me to run the 1/4 mile..

    so ummmmmm
  18. Well, if we play with stunts (u can just watch) on our private road, then afterwards head to Firebird. That solves both problems...
  19. i would love to drag this weekend, but if people are stunting, well then PM me, Im there!