Group ride on the 3rd of June..

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Proeve, May 30, 2006.

  1. Any one up for a group ride to idaho city, or some where this weekend on the 3rd. I start my summer classes on the 5th so i would like to get a big group together before school take up all my time?
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    I wish I could say yes but Im not sure I will be done yet!

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    Re: Group ride on the 3rd of may..

    I'm on call at work this week which typically means I can't go for rides without cell reception or where I couldn't be back in 30 minutes. I'll see if someone can take the phone for me for a few hours Saturday though and I'll try to make it.
    If we're gonna go to Idaho City, I'd love to go over the pass to Lowman. With the PoPo on the way to Idaho City and with that road having pretty mild corners, its difficult to have a good time without going significantly too fast. With the corners across the mountain, you get to have all the fun with half the speed.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE SPEED! I just don't like it as much when I HAVE to go fast for a challenge and can get some big fines for it.
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    You must mean June third.... right?

    I will probably be up for a ride.

    Hey Dave, do you have everything needed to replace my lines and pads? Mightyvac, etc? My Galfers game in today and I lack the tools, rather not spend money on the stuff if someone close has everything.
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    Re: Group ride on the 3rd of may..

    I don't have a MightyVac (though as I was helping Dane with his tonight, I was wishing for one) but it can be done without one. It just takes a little longer.

    The only other tools required are a couple small wrenchs and maybe sockets to make it go a little quicker.
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    Re: Group ride on the 3rd of may..

    Corrected 8)
  7. about what time saturday are we talking here???
  8. NO I wanted to go back in time and ride on may 3rd damn it,,

    yes yes june I am sorry I meant june lol...
  9. time and place is still up in the air, but I am sure it would be around noonish or so.. up to you all, what ever works best I feel

    lowman is cool with me, give me some times, and let do it.....and a meeting place that is cool with everone..
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    You got a flux capacitor on that 600RR? You shouldn't have any problems hitting 88mph but the 1.21 Jigawatts may be an issue.
  11. I really want to join this weekend this weekend, I ve got an itch that only gets scratched about ten miles above Idaho City
  12. Ya and watch out for the Iranian terrorists, and dont forget to feed Einstien
  13. Ok, it is wednesday, so I guess we can do a little fill in the blanks,

    Good time to start?_______________.
    Place to meet?__________________.

    for me:

    Good time to start: noon.
    Places to meet: sonic on fairveiw meridan,

    Ideas i need ideas,, {:)
  14. time: whenever
    place to meet: Fiddlers Glen sub.. otw to lucky peak from meridian and quite a few of us live right there. =P
  15. Oh, gotta clear this with my better half but I dont forsee an issue.

    P.S. My edits wont save =/
  16. give me a street addy and Ill look at the map. we can meet there,
  17. you can but I think just hoping onto the freeway is faster