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    Here are a few of the more common hand signals for use during group rides. If you have any others, please let us know. We're all trying for a safe ride and being able to communicate while on the road is a crucial part of making it home safely.
    Before every ride, I also like to make mention of any road conditions we know of or suspect in addition to letting everyone know that THERE IS NO SHAME IN LAGGING BEHIND. When on a group ride, I constantly worry about someone's ego writing a check their riding skills can't cash. If you aren't feeling good about the tempo, slow down and let others pass if necessary. I'll usually slow the pace a bit and let trailing riders catch up periodically, this way, we don't get too far seperated that a crash would go un-noticed for long.

    Cop: Tap Helmet repeatedly for 5 seconds or so

    Safe to Pass: Hold left arm straight out at about the 10 o?clock position. I?ve found this very useful when others get ahead while in traffic on a 2 lane road with limited visibility as far as oncoming traffic goes. As you know there is nothing more frustrating than being stuck behind a Winnebago in a great twisty area and not knowing if it?s safe to pass. The rider in front of you can see a lot more than you can and can assist to a great degree when confronted with a situation like that.

    Not Safe to Pass: Hold left arm straight out at about an 8 o?clock position. This obviously goes hand in hand with the above. If the rider ahead of you passes and realizes that there may not be enough room for others to safely follow he does this. Or if he?s got his arm up in the Safe to Pass position and then lowers it to the Not Safe position it lets you know that there is traffic coming and you should either not pass or grab a handful and watch out if you?re mid pass.

    Slow Down: Waving the left arm slowly up and down at your side with the palm down.

    Debris in Road: Depending on the situation either pointing to it on the left side with your left hand or sticking you?re right leg out to indicate debris on the right. If it?s mid corner legs could be used for either side.

    Turning Around: Left hand up in the air with the hand and index finger spinning circles at the wrist and elbow. This is to avoid getting T-Boned by someone behind you who is not sure of what you?re doing.

    Need Gas: Point to your Tank.
  2. What shall we use as the pee-pee signal? :joke:

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    Stand up on your seat and do the pee-pee dance while surfing the bike down the road.
  4. Very good info, its nice to have clear signals on such dangerous turf. And by the way, i love surfing, but the 599cc bike board is a rough one to ride. :hail:
  5. I think I can handle that. But it would seem that if i were to go to all of that effort there is no point in pulling over...zzzzzziiipppp. This is when appropriate following distances will come in handy ;D
  6. um...dont know if this would fall in the debris catagory but what about deer, cows ect...on the road. And i dont mean dead ones lol i mean like the ones coming down form Bogus last weekend? What kinda of signal would that be?
  7. what is the signal for I got crabs from riding your bike
  8. That sign is hop up on the tank and scratch you junk feverishly from left to right.

  9. :banghead: Make it stop, make it stop
  10. for those of us who can not surf the bike the signal would be make a hand puppet talk for five second while scratching the junk with other hand then putting hand pupet into crotch area and let it munch then point at the person whose bike gave you the crabs and flip them off.
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    That's a bit complex. I'm gonna stick with idgsxr1k's signal.

    How would you get craps from someone else's bike anyway? Oh yeah, that's right. You're not afraid to ride naked just to prove a point. :rofl:
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    Bump for the new folks to see.
  13. lets not forget my favorite signal :flipa :joke: im glad this has been brought up. One of the things about rideing a motorcycle is the speed factor.What might seem fast to one person might seem like a cruise to another.One way for everyone to get their speed rush is to have predetermined stops .Then you wait make sure everybody gets there . One of the other things about rideing fast on the street or on the track is the trust factor . Can i trust you not to do something stupid at 100 mph + i use that speed because on the street most 100+ crashes are fatal game over. WE SPLIT YOUR GEAR SELL YOUR AFTER MARKET GOODIES AN TOAST TO YOUR MEMORY. So if your going to go fast know what you are doing if you are going to race a littel on one of these rides know each other well enough to trust each other .As for getting to know you guys an trusting you its been kinda difficult considering i have only met one person from this sight. Im beginning to wonder if any one here actually owns an rides a motorcycle an if so they missed a great day to ride yesterday.
  14. all i want to know is what is the signal for an all out sprint from the cops?
  15. when you want to ride. i am always game unless i am working or have my kids.
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    I believe that move is easily identified by a couple idiots shooting off at ridiculous speeds while I pull over politely and avoid a high speed chase the puts people (riders, cops, bystanders) in danger and leads to me getting a HUGE ticket for evading.
  17. amen brother :dblthumb: . Running from the cops looks really koool at the movies an im not going to say that you might be able to do it. If they get your plate which they probly will theres a littel thing called a warrnt .Then they just pick you up at work or at home when your kids are there . Always nice to see daddy take a ride in the backseat . How proud they would be. Besides if you get caught speeding and you have your license current insurence registration all in a neat littel package and you act respectfull chances are he will tell you to slow down an let you go. Lots of cops ride . If you meet one that is not going to give you a break hey you were breaking the law be a man pay the fine . just my :2cents:
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  19. 120mph my a$$! He had to be going 160+mph. At least he didnt wreck...but when running from the law i think u got a 8/10 chance of getting caught :neener: :police:
  20. Dang, good find on that video Karl. If that's a California highway, you know they're going about 80. That dude was making them look like they were standing still.

    Moral of the story? Don't run from the po!