Great picture from Labor Day @ the track

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Hozhead, Sep 6, 2006.

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    Here's a great picture from the Labor Day track day @ MMP. I'm thinking that, instead of "OWNED" I could put "HOZED" on the image. :devil1:
    Seriously though, AlxandrtheGr8 and Shane431 led as often as I did. The three of us were really close in speeds and we hung together really well during the last two sessions.

    I am rather disappointed that there aren't more pictures (in the past, the guy had over 80 pictures of me and most other riders) but I guess that's what happens when you've got really long laps and 60 riders out there at a time.
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    Very nice! That's a nice knee-dragging picture. :playnice:

  3. +1. Great picture.
  4. My form was so much better at this track day, from the past ones, looks like those practice runs up bogus and lowman paid off
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    I agree completely!! Your form is a lot better this time around, you are parallel to the bike and getting your weight off in a great spot.