Got the bike tuned!

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  1. After more then a months wait I go the bike tuned last week. 154rwhp and 71ftlbs. Not to shabby for an 04 R1 with a pipe. For reference my friend Anthony dynoed his brand new ZX-10 and only made 3 more hp.

    The initial dynoe was 150, the tuning took it to 154, and REALLY fixed up the bottom range... it was all out of whack! Interesting to note that dyno'd the ZX10 at 166RWHP. So is the hp difference due to altitude?
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    Those are some pretty impressive numbers from the R1 and I'm sure you've already realized that the max power output isn't quite as important as building power quick down low and then continuing to build smoothly. You're probably loving the R1 even more now.

    As for the difference in dyno numbers, there are production tolerances that make each bike a little bit different and there are also prodcution tolerances in the dyno's that account for some of the difference as well. When you guys had your bikes dyno'ed did they give you corrected numbers (i.e. they adjust the reading as though the bike were at sea level with a set humidity / air pressure)? A difference in correction numbers could be big as well.

  3. Where did you get it dynoed?
  4. Brian-
    Did you have that done at Big Twin? How much money was involved??
  5. I too would like to know about what it cost :) After I get a bmc filter and new plugs I might have to get someone to tinker with it for me... only thing is, pretty sure I dont have a pcIII lol
  6. I had it tuned and dynoed at Big Twin for $205. Just a Dyno is $60. Those were corrected numbers.

    As for "numbers" my 01' R1 was more then enough as far as power, I've always thought the rider was 90% of the equation, the bike is only 10%.