Got my 2006 YZ250F on Aug 22nd

Discussion in 'Trail Time' started by Idaho Wolverine, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Man this thing is PERFECT!! I had a 2003 YZ450F, full yoshi exhaust and jetted for it. That was a blast, but boy if you screwed up with the throttle you were toast!!!
    My 06 250F though is IDEAL for me. I am only 170 pounds in riding gear, so it hauls me with ease!!!

    Are there any good tracks or open areas with some nice doubles or table tops around??
    The track here in Mtn. Home is too packed with people for me, and only open one day a week to boot, making the place WAY over crowded. Hell, I dont think it is open anymore anyway.

    The place I ride right now is out by the Air Force base and isnt too bad. Just would like something else if you guys know of anywhere not too far away......
  2. Not sure about things close to you Clay Peak out by Emmet isn't bad or Pickle but out by Lake Lowell is desent. I used to mostly trail ride so not to positive about moto type stuff. Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck and congratulations!!!!

  3. Thanks man. I looked at some KTMs but I really like my YZ too. Take care!
  4. Both those places KTM said are good, also might try - they have orgainized practices which are great if you don't like kids on 65cc bikes jumping over your head! lol.