Good prices on Held gloves

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Cider, May 23, 2006.

  1. has awesome prices on Held gloves at the moment, and it looks like they just added some new stock this morning.
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    Its tough to beat NewEnough.
    I ordered a suit liner that doesn't fit well and they gave me absolutely no hastles about the return.

  3. I see they have a pretty good price on Sidi boots as well!
  4. yeah they do a great job on the pricing, they dont take to long to ship either
  5. Well, I struck out. The gloves arrived today, but they are coming apart at the seams :banghead:. So I went to my computer to check my email, and Cycle Gear isn't shipping my pants because they are "discontinued" (even though they still advertise them on their website as of tonight) :banghead:. I waited a couple of weeks to buy them just so I could take advantage of their Saturday sale. I guess the joke is on me.
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    Damn, that's some crap luck. I'm sure New Enough will get the glove issue taken care of but that definately is NOT convenient.

    What kind of pants did you order from Cycle Gear?
  7. Leather pants to zip into my jacket. They were on clearance, but their website still claims that my size is in stock. I'm hoping that I can talk them in to giving me the Saturday discount on a different pair of pants.
  8. Both New Enough and CycleGear took care of me. I received both my gloves and pants this week. Now all I need to do is start drinking coffee and my transformation from squid to poser will be complete.
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    You could also switch to Red Bull and make the transformation to racer/stunter.

    Or perhaps start drinking Frappaccino and ride a scooter instead.
  10. I prefer Monster and trying to fly with my motorcycle.