Good Mechanics???

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Kwood The One, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. I Need to Find A Mechanic For a few little things that need to be done to my bike. I am not a big Fan of Carls cycle and wouldnt go there if i didnt have to. I need to find out if anyone could answer My Sprocket Q.s as well
  2. What are you doing Thursday evening around 6pm? Hozhead is going to help me with a few things on my bike. He could answer your sprocket question, in fact... there's tons of people on here with experience on that subject.

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    A good rule of thumb for sprockets, you should change your sprockets to match your karma on this forum. :bs:
  4. Well I Actually Have to Cook My Mother In Law Dinner :( I Just Got Back From a Couple of vineyards and welll now I have to Cook dinner. I REALLy wish I could get Outta of It and Meet Up With You Guys!
  5. You could always tell them you have a case of rectal glaucoma. Tell them you just can't see your ass doing that ;D j/k
  6. to all that dont know me,, i am cert thru yamaha, but own and ride kawai, iv been a auto mechanicfor 15 yrs and been on street bike and sleds ,dirt, atv's for the past 2 yrs... just ask
  7. i can vouch for this guy, an awesome mechanic. he did most of the work on my bike. all the major stuff anyways! he is very trustworthy and honest with someone elses bike. unless of course you tell him to rock a huge stand up down chinden road in front of the salvage then its all fair game. jk crash, whats up buddy. jake
  8. +1Thanks Ill Take You Up On that In the Future :leghump:
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    An actual mechanic? SWEET! Prepare to be hounded.
  10. tks r666, so i hear you changed your gears.... i added new head gasket and volicty stacks... still need a PC3.. lol but really dont any of that on my bike its fast enough... lol 120-11.37 1/4
  11. yeah, 530 conversion with the standard acceleration kit, she moves enough for me. not to mention comes up pretty well now. ask nick oates, he can vouch for me