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  1. Any one here Golf? I am taking up golfing and want to see if any one else plays.

    GL on the ride. I have alot to do this weekend or I would come and join the fun. I need to get out and ride, I have been messing with my suspension and need to see how it feels.

    now I just need to find a way to get my golf clubs on my bike :dblthumb:

    any ways talk to you later,,,,,,

  2. I have a set of clubs, I went once, had fun, never got another chance to go yet. I'm always up for a round. I suck at it but I'll admit it up front so you know you'll get a good laugh in. If ya ever wanna meet up and whack a little white ball around let me know.

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    I suck at golf!!

    IDGSXR1K is an avid golfer, however. He's even going to a tournament in McCall this weekend. When he gets internet access at home again, he'll be on here talking your ear off about golfing.
  4. Stating I never played before, so let all go suck on the course together :dblthumb: I just ordered a full set of clubs, so when they get here I'll post a time and place, I do want to hit a few buckets of balls first.

    I for tell BBQ, riding, and golf in the future
  5. Come on now Proeve, I think I got ya beat in the bad golfer department. The clubs I have are hand-me-downs so they don't fit so well. Picture this- I am 6'1" 200 lbs. My clubs are made for someone about 5'5" 150lbs. When I go to tee off I have to hunch up over the ball so I look like a monkey rapeing a football. Add that to the total lack of skill and you have the worlds worst golfer. But it is still fun so who cares right?? :dunno:
  6. I Have clubs... :dblthumb:

    I play.... :dblthumb:

    I can hit a 300 yard 3wood on occasion..... :devil3:

    I have only broken 90 once :banghead:
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    As long as we're talking golf:


  8. oh boy I think I found a golf teacher, :dblthumb: and KT no worrys mate, I am 6ft 237 lbs that only hit the ball 3 times in his life, so yea I know what you mean.

    "But it is still fun so who cares right" RIGHT!!!
  9. Ok I have my new beginners clubs, and after I get back from a little trip to Yellowstone, I will be up for hitting a few buckets of ball and then turning it in to a game some day soon.

    If any one is willing to go out and play a round soon let me know and I will get with you to see what day and time will be good, so I can set up a tee time.

  10. I'm there...

    Centenial in nampa has decent rates ($20 or so) and Purple Sage out there a little farther is a nice course for cheap too.

    Post up when you want to go hit the range, and I'll see if I can get there.