Get Together in Twin Falls... july 15

Discussion in 'Meetups' started by BlindLOKI, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, whats up> I just moved here the 10th, but my bro has been here for over a year now. He found this thing online about a bike get together in twin falls on jul. 15, 06. Just wondered if anyone knew anything much about it... my bro said there will be stunnas there, thats an easy reason for me to go :p

    heres a link:

    and another:
  2. I think I am more up for the bike show now that I know it is going on...

  3. It sounds like my riverboat trip just sank so I can probably make that happen!
  4. bikini contest i need to change my vote on the other thread
  5. Hozhead

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    I definately won't be going to Twin. I'll either be at my wife's class reunion or on a ride to McCall that weekend.
  6. Are you going to wear the little pink one? :neener:
  7. I would like to join the get together but whatever the majority rules, I'll stick with that.
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    Why do you know what bikini's he has available to wear? :eek:wned:
  9. Oh ya act like you haven't seen it too!! :liar
  10. i am going to wear virgin white
  11. that is one set of big balls...or a small weiner :rofl:
  12. Cool, cool... kinda soundin like some of ya would like to head that way then? My bro and I will have to come back that night, and I hate highway/i-state at night on a bike, so we wont be there till wee hours of the mornin, prolly, lol. well see how that goes.

    Since I dont know mtn home/boise/twin falls very well, any volunteers on making a hook-up point and such? Im also not sure who all is from where, but im sure were gonna need a spot for both boise and mtn. home, then prolly for twin if anyone is there on these boards....

    cant wait to meet some of you guys...

    as a sidenote, these roads out here are siiiiiick. Sooooo much stickier than the ones back home. Even my brother hated ridin in SD. Feels like your on a thin layer of sand the whole time :p

    take it easy,

  13. right on chris glad to see you did some riding meeting up shouldn't be a problem
  14. I'm down for whatever!!! I'll ride anytime!