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  1. RideMaster

    RideMaster RideMaster

    Below, you'll find a listing of gear dealers and contact information. If you'd like to add a dealer to the list, please post a reply and we'll add them to the list.
    * We're not paid to list any of these dealers; We just want you to find the parts and gear you need and to do so at affordable prices.


    Holeshot Motorsports
    ------ 6017 W Franklin
    ------ Boise, Idaho 83709
    ------ 208.345.1466

    Cycle Gear ----------------
    ------ 3055 E. Fairview Ave.
    ------ Meridian, ID
    ------ 208.887.4942

    Happy Trails Products
    ------ 4545 W. Chinden Blvd.
    ------ Boise ID, 83714
    ------ 208.377.8771
    ------ 800.444.8770


    Dennis Kirk -----------------
    --- Street, Dirt, Snow, etc
    --- Gear, Hard Parts, Performance, etc

    Knee Draggers ------------
    --- Street
    --- Leathers, Textiles, Gloves, Boots, Helmets, Luggage, etc
    --- They've also got a lot of hard parts & accessories.

    New Enough ---------------
    --- Street and Dirt
    --- Leathers, Textiles, Gloves, Boots, Helmets, Luggage, etc

    Ride Gear --------------------
    --- Street, Dirt, Water, Snow

    Motorcycle Closeouts -----

    Moto Nation -----------------
    --- US Distributor of Sidi and Setup riding boots.

    Moto World Online --------
    --- Street
    --- Helmets, leathers, textiles, armor, boots, etc
    --- A growing selection of hard parts & accessories
    --- Their helmet prices are great
  2. Hozhead

    Hozhead <img src="/images/ranks/site_founder.gif" alt="BRN should be added to the list as well.
    I've been pricing out new helmets, a chatterbox, and other items lately and KneeDraggers typically has the best price of any place that I've checked.

  3. Hozhead

    Hozhead <img src="/images/ranks/site_founder.gif" alt="BRN also needs to go on the list for their great helmet prices. They're still adding a lot of merchandise to their site/business but the items they do have a priced great.
    Helmets: AGV, Caberg, HJC, Shoei, Suomy

    If anyone is interested in buying a helmet from them, PM me and I'll point you to 10% off their listed price.

    Gots some nice stuff and decent prices

    MAW with a warehouse here in Boise, some bad reveiws, some good, I think it may be a crapshoot of which service you get, and I don't think they allow local pickup, but I could be wrong
  5. Hozhead

    Hozhead <img src="/images/ranks/site_founder.gif" alt="BRN

    Helmet Harbor & Helmet City are ususally neck & neck on prices and availability so I'll get both added to the list.

    MAW has GREAT prices but their website sucks. I've actually tried to order some things from them recently and their shopping cart never frickin' works. It says an item was added but that you should check to be sure. When I try to view the cart to be sure, there's no place to view what's in the cart and look at your order.

    I'll add MAW as a place for good prices but advise that people place orders over the phone. One of my friends got tires from them last summer and was able to pick them up locally so it could be a good way to go.
  6. Ryan and I have a local hookup for just about anything that will beat any online website pricing, and no shipping! Email me if you want pricing, and you are ready to buy.
  7. They have just about everything you could want.

    As for MAW, they are a Boise store, but said "no way" on the local pick-up.
  8. Hey, is that Cycle Gear place right next/near Snake River Yamaha???
  9. Hozhead

    Hozhead <img src="/images/ranks/site_founder.gif" alt="BRN

    Yes, it is.
    They're pretty much worthless most of the time though.
  10. hmmm...I dont get to Boise that often anyway...I need to make habit of going ot Mountain West Motorsports here in Mt. Home...nice small personal place...
  11. Yes, Mountain West Motorsports, 587-9340, in Mountain Home. The owner is Bob Wortham, a retired MSgt that understands the every day person is not loaded (with money). He deals mainly with Parts Unlimited.
  12. MotoOne is a great place to go. They have mostly all Dirt bike equip in stock, but they go through Western Powersports, and get great prices on just about anything you would need for a street bike, from leathers to steering stabilizers. They get it in quick, and they are great to work with. They even price match quite often. :playnice:
  13. Hozhead

    Hozhead <img src="/images/ranks/site_founder.gif" alt="BRN

    You have to admit, you guys have had a few people working there that just don't know squat. Plus, I went there three weeks in a row looking for a can of chain cleaner and it was NEVER in stock and that jus drove me crazy.
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