Friday Drag Races

Discussion in 'Rides' started by gwar17, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. anyone not going to SLC this weekend and wanna go to the drag races friday? They start at 6:30.
  2. sorry if I was not going I would be there. I plan on doing the next one

  3. ummm thinking about it...
  4. Is it an open night? what time does it close? whats the entry cost? and where should i meet ya oh shit i need full leathers dont I???
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    I may not be going this weekend but I would like to know if I can take my bike basically stock or do I have to safety wire it, tape off the lights, wear leathers, etc. It would be fun just to see what our bikes can do.
  6. You guys would'nt make fun of me if i had yamaha leather riding a suzuki would you??? haha if they fit i aint afraid to wear them!!
  7. I don't know what rules Firebird uses, but here is a link the the AMA Prostar rulebook:
  8. full leathers, Snell helmet for safety shut off wire I do not know on street legal bikes.
  9. I work with a guy with a Suzuki backpack riding a Ninja. Its all good.
  10. I think SVmadussa has the run down on the info, I dont think you need safety wire. but you will need a number plate. I think that was the biggest thing
  11. YES A number plate on the right side of your bike..
  12. It should be around $28. No safety wire, But DO get a numberplate.

    Numberplate should be big enough so that the tower can see it. nothing to special, something white that won't fall off at speed.

    Under 110mph requires boots ( I saw lots of guys in hiking boots, even the busa's) jacket (textile OK), gauntlet type gloves.

    Over 110 requires leather. you can call firebird for more clarification, they were happy to tell me on the phone.

    Get there early so that you can get through tech and get a number assigned. Bring some extra zip ties, unless you rely on the kindness of stranger like I do ;D

    If it's your first time,....Practice your launches..... WOuld have made a world of difference in my times. When you se the third yellow GO! don't wait for green. :dblthumb:
  13. Well I am heading to firebird in about an hour with some friends. Maybe I will see someone there. I have a blue sv650 and a blue jacket. Feel free to say hi.

  14. :slap: I would have been there waiting for green