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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Tanman, Feb 26, 2006.

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    I just got a Frank Thomas Strike leather jacket a few weeks ago from Cycle Gear and so far I've been pretty happy with it. It's very comfortable except for the neck line which is a bit scratchy. My only other complaint is that I have to wear my gloves tucked inside the jacket because if I wear them outside the placement of the zipper and velcro strap on the wrist rubs my wrist raw and makes my hands uncomfortable. I even tried several different pairs of gloves to see if that made a difference but no such luck. Overall I like the jacket and fits my body nicely. The perforation will make it so i can still wear it in warmer weather without getting too hot and yet it still keeps me warm in this colder weather we have right now. Hozhead, I know you bought the same jacket. What do you think?
  2. I think we are all going to end up riding around in the same jacket

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    I got the blue one, Hozhead has the red one..which one do you have? Silver maybe?
  4. I was going to go with the silver, but the helmet I am going to get is red so I may get the red one olso.
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    The silver was just a little too BLING for me. With an all black bike you can go with just about any color jacket though.
  6. yeah I do have a lot of options on color
  7. riding to horseshoe bend today at 3:00 meeting at the chevron with a subway on hwy 55,
    sorry to jack the thread
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    I exchanged my size 44 jacket (which fit great in the arms but was tight around my chest) for a 46 last week. The pants I ordered came in last week as well but I haven't had the opportunity to ride in the full suit.
    The size 46 jacket definately has more room in the wrist area which may be what you're experiencing. I rode in the 44 a couple times and had no problems with my gloves on the outside.
    A couple people in the Utah SBA recommended a shop in Ogden, UT for leather alterations so I'm hoping that when I go down March 11th I can stop in and have the size 38 pants shortened a bit and possibly tightened in the waist. The 38 is the smallest size that fit my thunder thighs.

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    Did I mention that you suck? Not just for the cross posting; more for the fact that I actually heard you leave the neighborhood right as I was reading your post. And my stinking brake bracket won't be here for a week :banghead:

  10. sorry, we did not get there in time anyway
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    For the benefit of those who don't knwo what jacket we're talking about: