Found the hole in my tire and preparing to repair it.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hozhead, Mar 30, 2006.

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    Tonight I found the hole in my tire (got a flat on Friday) and ordered a Stop-N-Go tire plug kit from Parts411.
    The plugs are the mushroom type that you install from the inside of an un-mounted tire (though the kit does include the means of installing them with the tire still mounted) so I'm not really worried about the repair holding air properly or coming out later. I still don't plan on riding agressively on the tire though so I'll set it aside and use it in the late fall and throughout the winter when I'm not riding hard.
    My new tire arrived today so I'm just waiting on the bead breaking machine I ordered before I can do the change myself.

    I'll try to take some pictures of the tire change as well as the tire patching and post them both in the "How To" area of the "Fix Or Repair Daily" section.
  2. Plugged tires work just fine,...

    My friend with the 636 had one in all last year, no problems.....if its done right

  3. Ya my plugged tire had no problems. My tire was about 50% used and i didint want to have to get a new tire right b4 winter. So i went to carl's cycles and got a plug kit. Very generic but it worked. Installed it, did a burn out and it melted - plugged just fine. 5 months later, after winter, with thread showing i finally got a new tire. Never exceeded 100 mpg tho. lol. So im all for plugs, but i'd never ride extreme with them tho.
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    Well, I did the tire change this morning (forgot to take pictures, of course) and it went smoother than I expected.
    I discovered that a better tire iron would be handy but I can get buy with what I have now. I also learned a few things about technique and I imagine I'll continue to improve in that area as I change more tires.
    Only uglied the rim in one spot but I don't think I'm doing too bad because the 'professionals' have left similar scars on it already.

    I haven't finished the balance yet because I'm waiting for my wheel weights to arrive but I did already mark where I need the weight and how much is needed by using the weights I pulled off and a little tape to hold them in place during the balancing process. That part was REALLY easy and I didn't need anything more than two even height items to set my wheel/axle on.

    I rode around the neighborhood a bit to scrub the tire in enough to safely ride to work on Monday and I'll probably head for Horseshoe Bend after work Monday to do a bit more scrubbing.