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  1. Don't forget Ojai, Little Tajunga, Big Bear, Banning Grade or Montezuma Valley all are in much better shape as far as road conditions. Can't include the rocks from the sides of the mountains, that happens everywhere.

    If you encounter traffic in Cali, most will utilize the turnouts and let you go on by. Idaho, most drivers do not even know what a turn out is forcing you to pass on double yellows, which is no big deal on a bike.
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  3. :rofl: Im sure they are not all you know :laughat: DIM :) ....but most I have met are not all that bright ...haha
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  4. Where's the "pot stirer" icon when you need one? Oh well, I'm done...;D
  5. Hahaha, Ok I will put my shit stirring stick away :) well for now anyways :devil2:
  6. Exactly. Worst drivers I have ever had to deal with. Idaho drivers are either stupid, ignorant about whats going on when there behind the wheel or just plain rude.:thumbdown:
  7. I love this. People reminiscing about how great the drivers are in the state they came from. How horrible it is here. How great their prior state is. Same thing happens to immigrants. They hate this country and always say how great their country is. Why the fuck did you leave where you were at? If its so great there and the traffic was so wonderful why did you leave?
  8. For me the main thing is traffic dosnt pay the bills.
  9. BINGO! Don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way back! :finger:
  10. But some are bright enough not to fall for this...

    (Crazyace595: 1st...I would think kickstand facing the direction of the wind, if the winds blowing to the right, then kickstand on the right, so the wind blows it into the stand.

    2nd..Generally i think kickstands are pretty strong. All our bikes you can put all the weight on the kickstand and flip the bike around...Some bikes have aluminum stands, like the ducati's and i have heard they are somewhat weak.

    and 3rd.. maybe next to a building or other structure opposite of the direction of the wind?) :rofl:
  11. Well since I didnt go to Idaho's schools Im sure Im brighter then most. What are they ranked again? Something like 48th? Huh, look at that Im neither dim nor dem. Its gonna be a good day.

    Im sure it wont. Ill be moving so fast to get out Ill take the door with me.
  12. I'm headed up to 8th st for anyone that's riding today.
  13. Well I can honestly say that the drivers in Idaho are much better than back in Vegas. But like most places, they can still be still stupid. I use to see at least two wrecks a day, and might be lucky to see one a month here. The roads are much more fun, but may not be in the best conditions.

    Some of us, including myself ended up here because of a job transfer or for a better position or more pay, or all of the above. Personally, I prefer the bigger cities and the faster pace and 24 hr lifestyle. I am hoping that I will get back there some day.
  14. ::) As a native of this valley I have seen the population in Ada/Canyon county go from 245K to 581K over the last 30 years. And as I recall, while this was a popular destination to come from California., there were also large numbers that moved here from Oregon, Washington and Utah. You can't blame folks really...this is an awesome place to live. As you can imagine...there wasn't really much traffic back in the 80s, and the road system was pretty primitive by today's standards.

    Fast forward to 2013. I think in general, there are a lot of bad drivers here. As much as I would like to I cannot realistically blame our problems on folks moving here from a single geographic area. I think it's just a natural change that comes with the overall increase in population and the hectic life pretty much everyone has now. Add to that...the constant distraction that comes from cell phones/smart phones...tablets and the like that pretty much everyone carries with them and uses constantly. No matter where you come from, you have a particular driving style that is unique to that area. Bring a bunch of those together....mix well over a few years...and here we are.

    I will say that one time I was driving in Orange County, several years ago, and spotted a car causing problems on the freeway with poor driving habits. As I got closer I saw the license plate....Idaho...2C.
  15. Seems to me, the biggest difference between bad drivers here and bad drivers from bigger cities is that the drivers here take their sweet time.

    In places like Cali everyone is in a hurry, and that's freaking great.

    Here, every other driver goes a few miles below the speed limit and make me want to cut myself.
  16. Me too. Hope to be on 4 by 3ish. Black/White plated KTM.

  17. First off :welcome: to the fng

    And my 2cents on drivers here in Idaho has nothing to do with where you came from or where you're going. I attribute the drivers bad habits lately to an undying selfishness that they are far more important than everyone else around them. My pet peeve is left lane laggers. The people who are driving on a multi lane road driving in the left lane and forcing anyone going faster than them to pass on the right. I actually had a discussion (ie arguement) with a lady I used to work with who stated she will drive in whatever lane she wants as long as she is doing the speed limit. I asked her about how acurate she thought her speedometer actually is and what if the speed limit is 55 mph and she is doing 55 mph according to her speedo, but the guy behind her speedo says she is going 52 mph. In which case she is going under the speed limit and wants to pass safely but can't because of her selfishness. To which she replied that she didn't care, she was doing what she thinks is right and it's there problem to deal with it. Me and that lady never saw eye to eye again and I still regard her with frustration at what I see as the root problem of people in general today. Selfishness!!

    Only thing I can do though is work hard to raise my boys to regard other people with respect and learn to sometimes just be the bigger person and let other people have their selfish tendencies and live happy lives themselves.
  18. Good way to live!

    And Seth, I'd still ride with you. Even though you got on a forum in Boise, Idaho and banged on Ideeehoans! We LOVE dragging FNG's through the chit! Any time! :whip:
  19. Hahahaha! :finger: You ass :laughing:
  20. Coming from a guy who cant ride through his apartment complex...Seems pretty DIM to me :neener: