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  1. well new fender
    akro slipon
    rear flush mounts
    number plate
    tons o cleaning
    licence plate bracket
    red gp foot pegs
    and some others

  2. Hozhead

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    That Akro looks nice on there. :dblthumb: I'm not so sure about the front flush mounts. It might be the shadows in the pictures but it kinda looks like they don't fit the hole.

    On an unrelated note... Only :squid: wear sandals while posing on their bikes in the garage. :neener:
  3. Bike looks sweat.

    Sandles were quickly noticable though. but that is ok you can ride with us we wont make you wear boots past the ankle. but i do not pick up toes and put them on ice till you get to the hospital.

    What is the liceance plate bracket made from. It looks clear. I neat effect