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  1. So this might be directed toward "hoser" since I know he currently is running the F4i but anyone else that knows might help too...
    On the 06 F4i you all know it has the single seat for rider/passenger and truthfully I don't like that look. I'd rather have 2 individual seats. IE. Hoser's for example.
    Can I ebay a 05 model rear end... and have it just mount on there without any issues? Or is there that much of a difference in years?
    Also, I need to get a pair of frame sliders yet, everything for this bike requires putting some holes in my fairings. I'm not mechanically inclined... I break things. Where would be the best place to get that done?
    Oh and one more thing... The RR swingarm conversion... from my understanding, just need to get ahold of an 600 rr swingarm and the 1000rr rear spring, right?
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    You're right, I can handle all of your questions right here.

    1) A tail swap requires the tail fairing, both seats, the sub-frame, and the undertail / tray plastic. The taillights are different too. It really is a pretty straight forward swap of just replacing parts without any fabrication. The 99-00 F4 had your seat and the 01-03 has my seat then they swapped back for 04 and up because of rider comfort and the need to set the RR apart.
    * note - the seat you have is FAR more comfortable than the pillion seat arrangement that I have but my setup is definately better for hitting the track.

    2) Frame Sliders are an absolute must and not that hard to do on your own (especially on the F4i). I ordered mine from www.oesaccessories.com - it was a GREAT deal on high quality sliders.
    I know some people have taken them to dealers to get sliders installed but many people have been pretty disappointed with the work. You've gotta remember, the dealer usually has young, inexperienced shop guys that do stuff like that and they save the good mechanics for the motor rebuilds.
    I can walk you through the install or, if you were in Boise for a ride, we could install them in my garage fairly quickly. I've even got a bolt with a point instead of a hex head that you use to mark the pilot hole before drilling.

    3) The RR swingarm swap is little more complicated than that.
    Here's the basic parts:
    ** '03-'04 600RR swingarm (can't be 05 or newer for a few reasons)
    ** 1000RR rear shock
    ** Make sure you have all of the bolts and linkages from the RR swingarm.
    ** Rear brake bracket from an '03-'04 600RR (the '05 and newer is different)
    ** Rear brake caliper from a 600RR (03-06). You CAN use the F4i caliper but its easier to use an RR caliper - they are are the same size / bolt pattern but there are a few differences in clearances because of where certain items are located.

    Basic Tools:
    ** Castle socket for removing swingarm / frame axle (I made my own and need to get it back from a guy in Utah - then you can borrow it).
    ** A big ol' allen wrench for removing the swingarm / frame axle (I bought one slightly larger and ground it down - same location as the castle socket).
    ** Common Wrenches / Sockets for tearing things apart and putting it back together.
    ** Some way to hang the bike from the ceiling while you work.

    Basic Instructions (I'm only listing the stuff that's not obvious):
    ** Use the castle socket and big allen wrench to remove the lock nuts holding the swingarm / frame axle in place when its time to pull the swingarm off.
    ** Use either an ENORMOUS allen wrench or just a v-shaped piece of metal (I'll have to show you a picture) to turn the spacing adjusters when centering the new swingarm (easier done than described).
    *** Use the F4i axle adjusters on the RR swingarm in order to keep your F4i axle and wheel. You'll need to machine a spacer that fits inside of the brake bracket and over the axle (basically you're just making the brake bracket hole = to the F4i axle size instead of the RR axle size). When you do this, the axle will be able to move a bit up and down in the axle slot but is held in place against the adjusters when you tighten the axle.
    I used this approach for a little while and really didn't have troubles getting my chain adjusted and axle centered up/down within the free play.
    *** Use the RR axle adjusters and the F4i axle but machine spacers that fit inside of the adjusters and brake bracket but over the F4i axle (I basically just hollowed out an RR axle using a dremel so that I have an outside diameter that is EXACTLY that of the RR axle and the inside diameter is just enough to fit over the F4i axle).
    This approach keeps the axle centered up/down and means a little more work when removing/installing the wheel but is easier to make adjustments and everything has a tight fit (better for track use).
    *** Use an RR wheel / axle / adjusters instead of your F4i parts. This is the easiest and mechanically the best method - it just doesn't match your front wheel.
    No, you can't swap the front wheel too. The brake rotors are a different size (so the caliper brackets would have to be adapted) and the spacing offset is different. The axle size is also different and won't fit the F4i forks.

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    I just read the part where you say you're not mechanically inclined. In that case, the swingarm swap is NOT for you. I spent a good deal of time fabricating the tools and the axle spacers and it tooks some good mechanical know how and confidence to do this.
  4. if you promise doughnuts, he'll do it for cheep, the swing arm is a different story though. :flipa
  5. simple question, what is the benifit to this?
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    Its frickin' awesome!!!

    Actually, there are a few benefits:
    1) looks (frickin' awesome)
    2) suspension performance (the 1000RR shock is MUCH higher quality, handles more weight, is valved better, etc; the Unit Pro Link is also a much better way to mount the shock and operates more smoothly).
    3) swingarm rigidity (less flex with the 600rr swingarm than the F4i).
  7. Not to mention... it looks frickin' awesome!!!!
  8. and... if you do it you also get a plate that says "POZER"
  9. BTW I also have an F4I and have the rear seaction from a 02 F4I, the rear seat, and taillight. You'd have paint it to match your bike and you'd still need the battery tray and front seat but I'm not using my parts and would sell them to you cheap! BTW, unless you're mechanically inclined or just have to have the 600RR swingarm, I'd hold off on doing the swap. Hoze is right, there may be some benefit to doing the swap but there's nothing wrong with it's current rearend.
  10. Hey shane431 i noticed you ride the monster energy logos on your bike I have several more sheets of those if you are looking for more. The reps just brought me some new stuff today so I will be getting rid of the old. Send me a PM if you can use them!

  11. which is only funny if you know hoz