F4i Bank Angle Sensor on Track Fairings (HELP)

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Hozhead, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. Hozhead

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    This is mostly directed at Shane431 since he now has the same bike I do and already has track fairings mounted.

    How do you deal with the bank angle sensor on the F4i when putting track fairings on? In stock form, the bank angle sensor is mounted above and between the headlights and plugs in through the same harness that the lights do.
    Did you remove the sensor and put a jumper on the bike side of the harness?
    Did you mount the sensor on the bike (perhaps on the fairing stay) and wire it direct instead of with the harness?

    I'm preping my bike for Monday's track day and I need to take care of the sensor since the bike won't run without it.
  2. You know I'm not sure since I bought the bike with the track bodywork already on. I'll PM you my phone number, or you can PM me yours, and I'll call you when I get home this afternoon and take a look. I have looked in the front and most of my stuff is zip-tied in there. I'll be able to give you a better answer when I get home today. PM sent.

  3. Hozhead

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    I did find that thread last night. I'm going to relocate the sensor tonight and built a plug for the harness so that I don't have to put the full headlight harness back on the bike.
  4. Hozhead

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    The bank angle sensor is now mounted on my factory fairing stay. I'm thinking it won't interfere with the stock upper or headlight assembly so I'll just leave it there all of the time and the next go around will be simpler. I had to run three wires between the bank angle sensor and the wiring harness plug on the bike because I don't want the entire front harness just zip tied up there and doing nothing. I'm gonna pick up another front harness on ebay and strip it down to just the wires necessary for the sensor. That way, I don't have three jury rigged wires up there that I'm constantly worried about.
  5. Glad you got if fixed. I'm going to go look at mine to see how it's set up. Sorry, I didn't get to it yesterday.
  6. I went and looked and it's zip-tied to the stay behind the speedo. It looks pretty stable, I don't think it's going anywhere.
  7. Hozhead

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    I even drilled two mounting holes on the stay so that I can just put it there and leave it there without ever worrying about it.
  8. Hozhead

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    Gotta be a member there to view the thread so I can't see it.

    Regardless, I think its a bad idea to remove the bank angle sensor unless you're going to install a tether type kill switch. With fuel injection, a bike is simply not going to shut down if something goes wrong and that's going to result in more damage to the bike and a strong chance that something else or worse, someone else is going to get banged up.
  9. well i think its a horrible i idea to have it on it..cause when your rolling a true 12 going like 10mph..that shit cuts out thanks to the bank angle sensor and you have a mousetrap effect and you fly over the handle bars..and it hurts..cause i tucked and rolled... well if any wants to check out the pics and how they say to do it.. my freinds username is skater_107 and password is fuckoff
  10. ok the password is not freakoff but you know what freak really means... its the F-bomb for the pass word..so its like f off for the password
  11. Hozhead

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    Uh, sorry about the word filter... I never expected it to screw up a post like that.
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