Exhaust servo removal?

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  1. Ive asked everyone I can think of and no one seems to have the answere for me. Is there a way to remove the exhaust servo unit on my 03 gsxr 1000 without activating the F1 light? The butterfly has been gone for two years but no one seems to know how to get away with pulling the box to? ???
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    Send an email to Yoshimura and tell them that you got a full Yosh system and need their instructions for servo valve and motor removal.
    There is a wire you've got to mess with on the ECU.

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    Never fear, Hozer's here!!


    Cut the black wire with brown trace that is located in pin number 8 of the grey ECU connector. Cutting this wire has no effect on the performance of the bike and prevents the FI warning light due to removal of the exhaust valve.


    You may want to read through those instructions for general info on mounting up your exhaust as well. Its for a different brand but should be very similar.
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    I confirmed those instructions on 1tail.com as well:

    GSXR1000 (2001-2003)
    For installation of full system and slip-on system (not bolt-on muffler). To eliminate fuel injection light from staying illuminated, remove exhaust valve servo-motor and cut black with brown stripe wire on ECM unit. The location of the wire is at the back row and second wire in. Cut 1?" from plug in order to reconnect the wire for future use.

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    Eh, its what I do.