Evin's Sons Memorial Ride 7/19/13 ksu 6:15pm

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    Evin's Sons Memorial Ride...

    Ride up bogus basin for the memorial of his son his birthday, 7/19/13.

    Meet at Jacksons on the bottom of the hill at 5:30 pm, ksu 6:15 pm that way anyone running late can still make it.

    No bbq, just a ride so people can make it up and back before dark.

    He will bring his gopro but would love it if others would be willing to record it as well.

    Evin (ihateitbs) is a member of this forum but he was unable to post this and he would appreciate your participation!

    If you have questions ask in this thread... hope to see you there.
  2. Should be able to make it.

  3. Im in. Got the day off and everything
  4. You gonna come ride Bogus this week? :devil2: I'm enjoying my freedom while I can... We had a ton of fun tonight.
  5. Yes I will. Gotta memorize the road ;-)
  6. Sounds like fun Got to ask being new here what is KSU? Thanks Taz
  7. Yup.
  8. Here ya peeps!;D
  9. Was in until i read the word B O G U S! Damn road anyways!
  10. Don't be skurred!
  11. Jus cause I peed a lil bit last time doesn't mean I was skkuurred..... :liar

    I just did it last night in my truck and beat the time I did it on the bike....... WTF!!!!
  12. Aint nothing but a G thang!

  13. Hook up with Barry and come ride with me this week. :dblthumb:

    We'll do like an intro to Bogus ride. :laughing:
  14. I'm planning Thursday night after work.
  15. If I'm off work on time I'm in.
  16. Let's do it.